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FMD-ROM - it is super!

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20.12.2000 4:53:00
20.12.2000 4:58:00

So be clearer
20.12.2000 6:59:00
They also promise to produce FMD-ROM "s, flash cards, and the like crap...
20.12.2000 11:43:00
And in my real vesh!
five years ago in the department of quantum physics Similar experiments were carried out, however little purpose other prisledovalis. Moreover, they say that a man who is dealing unwound immigrant.
It may even be. I do not know as there is with cream and stock, but technically this thing to make a very real vesh!
question is compatible with the latest hardware. If takavaya will then replace her current CD and DVD will not be so difficult.
20.12.2000 13:45:00
Escaped convict: my friend if you do not know what to talk nefig language. Technology otrabatyvaetsya for 5 years and just this year she came out of the laboratory into production. The only large companies owners of CD / DVD does not welcome a new player in the market for a long time divided so that the path from FMD will be heavy. And FDM is a coffin for DVD. But I have more pins 45mm FMD-R disc that's where the flight of thought might work. Imagine an MP3 player on the disc - 5GB dream come true humanity
20.12.2000 13:54:00
he did not live long in the computer seems to be more firm dough with dvd roms but received little in 10 years can be
20.12.2000 14:24:00
The idea and implementation are the future. But the war for the market will be steep. Who was the first buy the rights will begin promotion and so on. D.
20.12.2000 15:46:00

poor man, this is the article about since the year round like mushrooms appear, and obmusoleno it all long ago, there is no need to go on the 10 circle.

20.12.2000 21:59:00
According to this same principle of working BitBoys. A group of students dropouts sitting all day - cut in Quake and produce various Press Releases for whom nothing. And as you know No Publicity is Bad Publicity - naive children from iXBT just stuffed them price. Here are some neigh! Also

and FDM-ROM.

21.12.2000 0:26:00
Escaped convict: I'm a representative of the Moscow business was about a year ago when they wanted to write the first article . That's when everything was on the laboratory level. By the way in the technology used by the Russian experience in the field Fluorescent materials.

dima-temp: youth do not confuse charisma with scrambled eggs at BitBoys only words but in C3D has implemented in hardware.

21.12.2000 1:50:00
Three-dimensional memory promises a year three. . .
21.12.2000 5:32:00
Why argue that? The end of 2000 has already come, specific products have already announced, so that the boom will soon buy it
21.12.2000 7:53:00
do not drive! so far no one has no DVD-RAM and you're about Babe. . . )

well, I've got a DVD-RAM, and I do not understand a lot more, then?

21.12.2000 15:03:00
I have these discs FMD are also interested. And to what thoughts led me to search for this stuff on the Internet - I wrote a whole article. It has even published in the newspaper "Computerra + Tatarstan", 11 December 2000.
And news that drives all come and go. For example, again - IXBT - http: // www. ixbt. com / storage / fmd-tech. html 19 December 2000.

My article here - & gt; http: // mikulski. narod. ru / fmdrom. htm

21.12.2000 19:55:00
Elbrus-2. Do not the night be told. . . . :)
21.12.2000 21:36:00
Apparently the same thing with drives ORB.
advertise. . . and assuring all over.
21.12.2000 21:52:00
No, my friend, are on sale:)
and good enough. . .
22.12.2000 4:02:00

And when looking for them? By the end of the year in general, without meaning was
PS To view the article only IE eh fit? pity - like look.

Most sold
ORB Although I have left mixed feelings. . .

22.12.2000 6:55:00
2Korzh: Yes, that's it, ORB-it:
http: // itc-ua. com / hlrows. phtml? id = 76 & pid = 9 & city = A
and article in mikulski cool - this is for increased salivation
I immediately afterwards another project of the century thought. . .
23.12.2000 18:28:00
Why is there so little interest in this topic.
It's very cool technology, and no divorce.
company with-3d signs contracts with renowned manufacturers, all in the mind. And exhibitions appear with the products. So inappropriately fool.
24.12.2000 0:38:00
IMHO not like divorce. . .
I agree with DVV, so a lot of manufacturing companies involved in this. . .
24.12.2000 0:58:00
Incidentally, the real technical help for HDTV (high-definition television), and then where to store gigabytes of theirs + just need a high-speed recording / vosproizvedniya and storage reliability. In any case, if the will and push, then they should put a monument!
24.12.2000 15:16:00

Honestly, I am not strong in HTML. How it could have happened. Now a little something corrected in the code can be loaded. By the way, what browser you use?

24.12.2000 15:56:00
their LV can not see your article.
24.12.2000 16:59:00

Um. . . : - (
Something must be done by: -. [
25.05.2004 21:52:00
what was it?
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FMD-ROM - it is super!