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Seagate knocks at inclusion

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20.11.2012 17:11:00
ST3500418AS ATA Device
2. For the year of purchase. Knocks when the computing system. And sometimes (rarely) in operation. Knocks is not constant, and knocks once so robust design, no podvesanii then not. The peculiarity of this model or the problem? The head banging? As far as the probability of failure and it would be possible to save the Old, in the case of the sudden death of the screw?
20.11.2012 17:39:00

included a computer, working up to the first knock is not turned off, then immediately remove the screen smart. Then, do not turn off and wait for the second tap and remove SMART again. Show two smart.
20.11.2012 18:03:00

immediately remove screen smart
how? You need to install any software?
21.11.2012 14:00:00

- at the end of the review bring smart viewers.
21.11.2012 19:04:00

Thank you.
I hope I did the right thing. The program pushed HDDScan "SMART" immediately after switching it.
Since after an overload of sounds, no, I turned off the computer. for 2-3 minutes and included. Sounds happen immediately after pressing the button. After 1-2 seconds. . Sometimes there are quiet, sometimes loud. At this time, a little below average. I did SMART immediately after starting vindous. I go on a screen. Since in the course of a knock is not often the second Scrin yet. But when the computer starts knocking in 95% of cases. . .
23.11.2012 16:02:00

1) for smart with Hardy all right.
2) wanted to link the sound of your Hardy parking heads, but your hard into the smart does not support the C1 / E1 attribute "Load Cycle Count", ie, it is not known what kind of knock -.. Park / Unparking heads or something else.
23.11.2012 20:46:00

Thank you very much. I also think it szyazano parking. unpark heads. Since when the fighting. But why Scook \\ crackling and sometimes while working?
24.11.2012 17:32:00

far as the probability of failure
Even in certain cases (banal bedy) the probability of a full covering is unknown. But you have a custom case.

Will you be able to save the Old
independently - no. The company - a fairly expensive (tens of thousand), but most likely, it is possible (with the exception - gashes, if not always restore gashes).
25.11.2012 1:07:00

Pitalnik in Ba kakoymarki and how old is he? If the ring or old, it is possible that Hardy did not have enough food, and he unparks Park.
A backup should be done even if the machine is fully serviceable. The cost of a good external support will still be less than the price that you will be asked for the restoration, if at all possible to do.
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HDD, SSDForum → Seagate knocks at inclusion

Seagate knocks at inclusion