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The problem with a WD hard drive on HP laptop

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17.12.2011 15:39:00
Hello. There are HP Probook 4535s laptop.
And there is a problem with the hard drive. At first it was all right. Somewhere in a month when you turn it became a very long time to boot Win 7 x64 (hours 3-4) Suspicion fell immediately on the hard disk. After extended diagnostics via live cd program WD diagnostic lifeguard error was found and corrected. Win7 has become normal to boot. After testing the Smart HDDScan got here is (looking directly at 197, there is an exclamation point in a yellow triangle):
code ( full height, rows: 63 )
 \ nWDC WD3200BEKT-60PVMT0-WD- WXN1A71P0960-SMART. mht \ nHDDScan SMART Report \ nModel: WDC WD3200BEKT-60PVMT0 \ nFirmware: 01. 01A01 \ nSerial: WD-WXN1A71P0960 \ nLBA: 625142448 \ n \ nReport By: HDDScan for Windows version 3. 3 \ nReport Date: 17. 12. 2011 12: 49: 06 \ n \ n \ n Num Attribute Name Value Worst Raw (hex) Threshold \ n \ n 001Raw Read Error Rate 1981970000000000-0DF9051 \ n \ n 003Spin Up Time 1611580000000000-03B6021 \ n \ n 004Start / Stop Count 1001000000000000-00B6000 \ n \ n 005Reallocation Sector Count 2002000000000000-0000140 \ n \ n 007Seek Error Rate 2002000000000000-0000051 \ n \ n 009Power-On Hours Count 1001000000000000-0156000 \ n \ n 010Spin Retry Count 1001000000000000-0000051 \ n \ n 011Recalibration Retries 1001000000000000-0000000 \ n \ n 012Device Power Cycle Count 1001000000000000-00B4000 \ n \ n 183SATA Downshift Error Count1001000000000000-0000000 \ n \ n 184End To End Error Count 1001000000000000-0000097 \ n \ n 187Reported Uncorrectable Error 0150010000000000-0ACF000 \ n \ n 188Reported Command Timeouts 0150010000000000-0988000 \ n \ n 190Airflow Temperature 06905931 C 040 \ n \ n 190Airflow Temperature Minimum06905921 C040 \ n \ n 190Airflow Temperature Maximum06905939 C040 \ n \ n 191G-sense Rate / Servo tracking 0650650000000000-0023000 \ n \ n 192Emergency Retract Count 2002000000000000-0031000 \ n \ n 193Load / unload Cycle Count 1981980000000000-17C0000 \ n \ n 194HDA Temperature 11210231 C 000 \ n \ n 196Reallocation Event Count 2002000000000000-0000000 \ n \ n 197Current Pending Errors Count 2002000000000000-000A000 \ n \ n 198Uncorrectable Errors Count 1002530000000000-0000000 \ n \ n 199UltraDMA CRC Errors 2002000000000000-0000000 \ n \ n 200Multi Zone Error Rate2002000000000000-0003051 \ n 
http: // img193. imageshack. us / img193 / 1673/31696803. png (639x477, 113. 8Kb)
http: // img811. imageshack. us / img811 / 6564/37053881. png (631x479, 108. 3Kb)
When testing WD lifeguard diagnostic through Windu get this:
http: // img684. imageshack. us / img684 / 5438/70953849. png (632x477, 122. 3Kb)
What could it be?
17.12.2011 22:11:00

Please show SMART from HDDScan in the normal form (screen, and then you have all tsiferki merged and nothing is unclear) and the results of Surface - Verify from HDDScan (results screen where the statistics). A useful tool from WD interpretation at the time of the guarantee. . .
17.12.2011 23:02:00

BIOS has a built-in utility to check the railway
Unfortunately, these tools do not give almost anything. . .

on Smart has bedy, scan in Victoria API (Test - Verify) enabled Remap. The screw has a problem, the only question is their scale.
17.12.2011 23:03:00
SCAN + REMAP in Victoria or MHDD, if 5 or 197 will continue to grow - to change the disc.
17.12.2011 23:08:00
I'll try to do a bunch of reading and BUTTERFLY Advanced Remap. Let's see what happens. By the way the laptop under warranty.
18.12.2011 19:22:00
I Tried. 3 found corrupted sector and remapnulo. Smart says it has 7 pcs. there is) )
19.12.2011 0:26:00
Butterfly is not necessarily normal reading enough. It is advisable to several times.
19.12.2011 13:39:00
Here's what else is strange (2772 error):
19.12.2011 13:59:00

Smart once again clear. A
butterflies do not need. . . normal scan + REMAP.

(2772 error)

This timeout error. . .
Some software, for a long time, "kept" interrupt.
19.12.2011 14:11:00
Nothing has changed in a smart addition that the number of bad sectors decreased from 10 to 7.

Who do REMAP, found 12 damaged sectors
19.12.2011 14:50:00

bad sectors

5th If the attribute is not changed, then the screw is not damaged sectors.
This simple UNC. . . may appear from anything,
including on the loop, the parent of glitches, from the PSU and so on and so forth.
19.12.2011 14:59:00
So what you advise? Bear in SC? Nout warranty.
20.12.2011 0:15:00

Bear in SC?

in SC, will do the same, I advise you. . .
And if it's a simple "Unki", then you nobody will change.
06.01.2012 1:20:00
Today turned on the laptop. Vin7 start zagruzhatsya. Loads up to infinity, plus illuminates the hard disk is displayed. Until this very rarely at inclusion were that turn on laptop - black screen and cooler spins at maximum. It is also constantly in the program Hard Disk Sentinel talked about various errors about the data transmission. Also, it appeared that bad sectors disappeared by themselves. I carry the laptop in the SC. I hope not to freeze. By the way, I updated bios. Do take it under warranty?
06.01.2012 10:49:00

I updated bios. Do take it under warranty?

mean, screw the firmware?
If so, what can not be changed. . .
Although they hardly notice it, if you do not tell them.
. .
When you turn on a computer, press F8 and select safe-load. If Windows
zaruzitsya so, remove the smart and show.
06.01.2012 14:44:00
Bios motherboard.

The safe also not loaded. Did
Extendet test WD diagnostic lifeguard, found and corrected the error. Now, when you turn on it does not reach the Windows download.
Now rearrange Windu.

rearrange Windu. There was 5 bad sectors

all bad sectors disappeared
appear and vanish))

21.01.2012 18:58:00
Passed the laptop in for repair, said the railway will change
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HDD, SSDForum → The problem with a WD hard drive on HP laptop

The problem with a WD hard drive on HP laptop