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An old Maxtor

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18.06.2008 16:43:00
interested old article about Mukhtar. http: // data13. ru / devices /
Several supermarkets bypassed all shrug that of the screws.
Where to buy? Maybe they are not called maxtor-seagate,
and renamed already fully segeyt.
18.06.2008 16:51:00

these models (new) on sale you will not find.
18.06.2008 16:54:00
Before the screws are good. Now take a new segeyt,
a couple of months the whole pad is oxidized.
18.06.2008 22:36:00

known to me exactly one reason for interest in this family, about it in this article is not a word. so it is not very clear - what caused this interest? and copies of their last sale occurred at the beginning of last year. Now - just b / y. they were called without any Maxtor Seagate. all that "Maxtor, Seagate," - this is the usual Seagate with the same model number.
19.06.2008 17:14:00
something strange on the site is written
But was coming next hurdle. 8, 4GB. Who was the old Pentium or Pentium-2, he knows the problem of the definition of hard drives over eight gigabytes. The problem was solved by the transition to a completely different broadcasting sectors. Instead of PIO (Programmed input / output) was proposed by DMA (Direct Access Memory). Naturally DMA mode can support only the new board.
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HDD, SSDForum → An old Maxtor

An old Maxtor