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Ida-screws are not seen BIOS

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19.07.2007 8:58:00
Good day!
problem: during the installation of a new power unit were loosely planted connectors on the mother, and as a result when you turn on the computer nurse
fed only a short pulse (light up and immediately quenched on sistemnike power indicator). After correct powering Nurse turned,
that both my IDE-screws are not perceived properly. One of the screws is not seen in the BIOS (tested on the master and slave different IDE-channels to multiple computers
), second wines BIOS detective, but knocks vinHR with a black screen in the boot. Both screws specifically inhibit himself "BIOS device detekting"
- When connecting at least one such screw devices are determined for about 40 seconds! ! ! while two-Ida DVDprivoda Satan-screw absolutely not affected!
Yes, and the computer works fine.
Tell me, is it possible to restore these screws in principle, and with the preservation of information is desirable? I would be grateful for any infu!
19.07.2007 9:31:00
19.07.2007 9:35:00

On another computer screws auditioned? The problem is exactly the screws, but not in IDE controller on matplate?
19.07.2007 11:10:00
which is not seen in the BIOS was tried on different machines, and its nurse hitched two screws instead of working dvd-roms. . . the zeros!
And what to do to recover? carry or repair this problem is solved programmatically? This is not burned suppressors?
19.07.2007 11:24:00

suppressors It's not burned?

Well all have heard an interesting word - now all over the suppressor will blame
19.07.2007 11:25:00

carry in repair.
19.07.2007 13:11:00
And this case is a guarantee, or screws in order to avoid wasting time and nerves better bear immediately repaired surcharge? And you can somehow protect the loss of information? Thank you all for your answers.

And as I understand it, "interesting word" nothing to do with it?
19.07.2007 13:21:00

So, we must bear in DataRecovery company. If you are lucky, will be removed without disturbing the Old "presentation" and then contact garantiyku for a new piece of iron. If infa not worth it to pay the money immediately to carry a guarantee (of course, they restore it will not).

P. S. suppressor == PC is not turned on (in general) when connected to the screw.
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HDD, SSDForum → Ida-screws are not seen BIOS

Ida-screws are not seen BIOS