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RAID on p4p800SE

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18.07.2007 18:20:00
I have a motherboard Asus p4p800SE. I bought two 250GB hard drive on both partitioned 200 and 50GB. I can not get to combine 50/50 200/200 and RAID 0, all do as according to the instructions, but the BIOS sees both screws as 2 section 250 and all. How to get out of the situation? More such questions:
1) Maybe we should then combine the two screws completely and then break them apart? Or if hit by a raid.
2) What areas should be primary / logical and what active, if at all should.
3) If the two sections merge into the raid, all the information will be lost hranivschayasya them?
18.07.2007 18:33:00
I think it can be done. Alternatively, only the controller means. general EXTREM crazy idea.
18.07.2007 18:57:00

I can not get to combine 200/200 and 50/50 in a RAID 0

Frankly speaking, I doubt that the nurse is able to create, but the most interesting thing will be to restore the Old when it all collapses. . .
18.07.2007 19:16:00
ICH5R not seem to be able to create two arrays on the same set of disks. Although I do not remember - it was a long time.
1. You can create a single array, and then cut it Windows.
2. active partition - you booted. But what does this have to the controller?
3. Yes. Just do not come together in Reid partitions and disks.
19.07.2007 8:53:00
Not sure on p4p800 possible, but I think I should be done by means of a controller. I have two partitions on the P5B in RAID1, two in RAID0. Splits all the controller.
19.07.2007 14:25:00

on P5B
on P5B much fresh controller.
19.07.2007 14:39:00
Eeeee. The RAID is not driven into logical drives, while they themselves HDD

Well unless Intel Matrix is ‚Äč‚Äčable to (?).
19.07.2007 14:43:00
I just realized right now. Or rather did not understand - why the heck TWO reyd0 at the same screws?

The RAID is not driven into logical drives
Strictly speaking, the software can be through the looking glass and two directories
But Raid controller is irrelevant.

19.07.2007 15:03:00

RAIDy Well I mean, that makes the controller BIOS
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HDD, SSDForum → RAID on p4p800SE

RAID on p4p800SE