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What drives take for RAID (ordinary or those that Raed edishn)

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28.06.2006 8:10:00
I decided to buy 2 or 3 disc (Satan) and make Raid of them (mother support, why not) looked PRAIS and do not know whether to pay 300 p. for railway labeled Raid edishn. And all of the disks 250 (like 500 or 750 gigs so it was) which will advise and whether it is necessary for them to put cooling.
P. S. Thank you in advance for your answers, if you have any questions write (and do not kick me on iron, 2 how that does not read (the computer then upgrade-yl here and read))
28.06.2006 8:31:00

mother supports why not

because at infa pohe zero. . . smiling only way to go. . .
28.06.2006 8:56:00
so I think 2 disk (0) or 3 disc (5). With Raid 5 like if you can restore the disc 1 will be covered
28.06.2006 9:07:00

and under what needs you need a raid?
28.06.2006 9:52:00
Yes, he may not need so much, and (mainly storing information (collecting anime and space is not enough), for one decided to see what it is and what it eats). Or do you think that the house does not need it and it is better to just buy 1-2 disk (large) and you @ happens. I wonder if you take a couple of drives and just put them on a store all while the second type has a better back up it kind of looks like a manual on mirroring.
P. S. I'm sorry for my French
28.06.2006 10:03:00

For me as if you have the opportunity and resources permit - is a RAID-5, it is the home. 3 * 250 = 500 gigs, reading speed as in RAID-0, fault tolerance. I moved him (RAID-5 on the ICH7R) after the next flight of the hard drive - and no regrets. Several simulations of the failure of one disk and connect instead reserve were successful. Wheels set routine, no RAID Edition. Airflow - one low-speed fan from the system unit of the muzzle, on the whole basket, despite the fact that in the basket 5 drives (well, it happened in the process - even two independent, although in principle one of the RAID I would be more than enough).
28.06.2006 11:03:00
And there have not read?

FAQ = RAID at home.

I also thought about Reid, but do not want to do terrible zero, and there is no more money.
28.06.2006 17:34:00

zero to do terrible
afraid of wolves - in the woods not to go! (C)
I, too, shop assistants were intimidated, familiar to the same - high probability of failure of the screw, no reliability. . . Good thing I did not listen to them. Two years soon as work, my RAID 0 will.
28.06.2006 17:49:00

you my friend in a shirt birth. The truth is all is not lost!
28.06.2006 17:56:00

You judge according to the unit to its experience. And if you gavknetsya least one disc - you will have to completely rearrange the system, and all the documents to restore from backup.

If I have - it will only need to change the hard drive to work with and no more movements. A backups will be necessary if only once two hard drives fail, or if the second fails for a while, it will be searched until the reserve, plus 5:00 that there is a RAID-5 reorganization at 3 * 250GB.
28.06.2006 18:02:00

In Reyd5 of 3 250GB disks obtained by the amount of available in 500GB? Or what?
28.06.2006 18:03:00
Yes. Minus one number of screws.

and minus 7, 5%

28.06.2006 18:05:00

and minus 7, 5%

And this is what?
29.06.2006 0:52:00

And this is what?

This conversion factor to decimal ( "trade", 10 ^ 12 bytes) gigabytes, and binary ( "computer", 2 ^ 40 bytes) gigabytes. As well as without RAID.
29.06.2006 8:37:00

I thought so. Prsto head crept into the idea: "What if it's Raid array as a reserve space for your needs ?"
29.06.2006 12:48:00
The array is really something that cuts off (storage COD), but it's funny numbers - tens of kilobytes
29.06.2006 13:06:00
How much is Sata controller, with the ability to build REYD5 three screws?

Now I looked under the price, this is obtained by the server hardware, and costs from $ 300.

Is this normal? Or am I not there looked?
29.06.2006 13:14:00

in ICH7R and above it "embedded"
29.06.2006 13:21:00
ICH7R can reyd5. And there are 300+ full-fledged controllers type 3ware, Adaptec. . . They have a major advantage, but it's probably unnecessary for the home.
29.06.2006 13:27:00
Then still cheaper 2500r nothing. Simply buy a new nurse.
29.06.2006 13:30:00
Simply buy a new nurse.
29.06.2006 13:34:00


Thought so, then I will wait for spring / summer, I planned to upgrade the global. For money saving up
29.06.2006 13:39:00
In the meantime, save up, read the manual of the controller. That then was not "what have I done." Reid, even a simple - not an easy thing enough for an inexperienced person. Especially reyd5 that in case of a fall raise is not so simple.
29.06.2006 14:22:00
Let's build on disks reyd5 wd2500ks or more intensive. Problems with Linux (Mandriva 2006) would not be? Do not know?

I probably will start with reyd0 , dokuplyu himself another 2500KS, and the spring can be seen to be.

29.06.2006 14:49:00
I probably will start with reyd0
on it and end up communicating with the data. Flag in hand drum around his neck.
29.06.2006 15:01:00

I'm aware of all of this, do not scare. I just try and find out what Reid. Nothing more serious will not be able to collect, nothing to collect.
carefully deal with zero-Reid, at least try (still going to buy another screw), and then decide whether or nuzhe Reyd5 me and whether it's worth it.

communication data

backup rule. I have a file on the DVD . Plus the old screw on the 40GB (but it is no hope). Even now I would die all the screws, then all the necessary infu I easily get back from the archives, with the exception of a few movies and some games are not very relevant.

all thought out.
30.06.2006 19:02:00

You judge according to the unit to its experience.
And why did you decide? I know of at least five people in person (well, the ones with the company), who never had problems with screws. They also have friends who are unaware that the screw can burn. Although there was one person who has the Samsung 160GB died, but he died mainly because of the guilt of the brow. . . If I purely based on personal experience, I would have written that, like "I know from personal experience..." Or something like that.
What CPU usage when recording on a RAID 5 does not count? And what are you recommending, and about downloading proca nothing was said. . .
30.06.2006 19:21:00
What CPU usage when recording on a RAID 5 does not count?
In my opinion the author has no problem of high-power linear flow. And for the garbage and so will do well. Otherwise, it is necessary to prepare the 400 killed raccoons

I know of at least five people personally
NDA. I have clients such
And that will burn a couple of screws every few years - just show your administrators and dismissal
30.06.2006 19:37:00

FAQ = RAID at home. # 478
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HDD, SSDForum → What drives take for RAID (ordinary or those that Raed edishn)

What drives take for RAID (ordinary or those that Raed edishn)