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advise a couple 2 5 hdd + USB box

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03.06.2006 17:24:00
Good afternoon!

At work, it is often necessary to go on to customers, to establish a program of about 25 GB. Currently, this is done by installing a 6-DVD drive, which is inconvenient.
decided to purchase a portable device so you can fold it in all the DVD's office, and the client to merge all this via the USB port.

opted for option 2, 5 HDD + USB Box. But I can not choose himself, though not full down in iron - walked two hours Savelyev, was unpleasantly surprised by the spread of the low prices and selection. After reading the article on the website and the forum I realized that it became easier not (with the launch of the problems with low USB power, and so on. N.). Maybe somebody from the guru forum will help me on the basis of personal experience.

HDD to such requirements:
- 2, 5;
- 80 Gb;
- 5,400 rpm;
- 8 mb cash;
- not Samsung.

The USB Box I generally can not understand it, prices start at $ 10 and up mud in no way limited.

budget = $ 100 on both devices. Thanks in advance for all the answers.

P. S. did not write this topic because she is so full.
03.06.2006 21:48:00
I bought a box of some the Sweex, successfully cloned with the help of the system to a new Hitachi 7k100 80GB then did it the old Hitachi 60GB format, and now it is IBM 10GB 0, 5 A intake in IBMa current, it is possible without an external power supply, but in general boxing is a usb cable with three connectors, two in one PC in a box or can be an external power supply 5. adapter is not supplied but matches any of the router, the size of a small, easy to use. Even the cover and screwdriver were included although there is so little that you need shurupchiki Pts. gently twist, so they do not spoil.

and the over speed, the speed is super))) the main thing at the same time several transactions with him not to spend pytatsya

03.06.2006 23:23:00
read here
FAQ = External HDD (CASE) to USB 2. 0 (Ziv2, IOMEGA Portable HD, Archos Mini HD, 2. 5 "HDD...), # 514

in addition say that rassharivat in a torrent 100gig this disc and it sort of died
knowledgeable people understand how tense the drive in the absence of restrictions on download
04.06.2006 1:37:00

about a particular model will not risk, advise pay attention to the case study strength (iron thickness in the pocket as the practice is easy to mash) and read-write speed, we have such a cheap HDD-case pumps ~ 25mbayt / s via the USB-2 (the mini -USB), in my opinion a very good indicator, except that tin is very thin, already crushed.
04.06.2006 11:45:00
I bought Sarotech Cuti DX FHD-254 (UF2) + Fujitsu 100Gb.
I must say that the box is dissatisfied, although its touted everywhere.

box Disadvantages:
1. It slides on the table. Looking for any additional devices like glued rubber feet.
2. Appearance - cheap plastic. What a ridiculous plastic strip from the top, which stagger and probably soon fall off.
3. unreasoned case. Clasp - worthless. In the cover there is a place for the wires, but only to put the shortest wire. FireWire Cable for there not intermeddle. As a result, a lot of cover takes place, and the sense of it not.

As such box was given an award for good design - it is not clear to me.

In addition, he found a strange bug. Copying a large file. In Far Manager moves the progress bar and keep the speed somewhere around 40000-50000 kb / s. However, after the copy process hangs around 400Mbps for half a minute or more.
This progress bar and speed figures freeze, recording light is on, the system inactivity in taskmenedzhere - 99%,
but no program is started - everything slows down. After some time the copying is continued, but at a speed of about 6000 Kb / sec. And almost immediately freezes again. And so constantly, until copied.
symptom is repeated, and when connected via FireWire, and via USB. Optional external power supply - does not help.

What could be wrong? Tell me please!
04.06.2006 16:58:00
it is not necessary to produce a bunch of identical posts, you can just link to

Wire FireWire to not intermeddle.

and I carry only yusb cable problems on different computers did not notice

FireWire interface is not too common to be able to rely on its presence on another computer.

05.06.2006 11:24:00
not necessary to produce a bunch of identical posts, you can just link to
Oak. Sorry. I was afraid that in a crowded branch did not get an answer soon.

FireWire interface is not too common to be able to rely on its presence on another computer.
That's right. But to connect a USB cable is necessary to take 2 - for extra power. A 2 cable still does not push in case. And about the presence of a FireWire - I do not hope, and know exactly - I have at home, and he is at work
05.06.2006 13:35:00
this box I was pleased by the fact that I drag a cable only 1 usb which
05.06.2006 14:04:00
Well, one USB sometimes not enough. For example, when I formatted the screw at work (office computer, a cheap mat. Fee), in the middle of the screw began to publish plaintive sounds, and an error message. And that Fujiko, who has a very decent performance enorgopotrebleniya. More through one USB I did not connect. Data security is more important for me connectivity convenience.
05.06.2006 17:43:00

complete my kitaeze dual USB, and one on some computers do sometimes lacking.
problem was solved surprisingly simple - once stuck in place of the native mini-usb cable from the flash player the iriver, oddly enough with him now operate absolutely all computers without any problems, incl all those that the problems were, that is... . Now I wear with the USB single.
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HDD, SSDForum → advise a couple 2 5 hdd + USB box

advise a couple 2 5 hdd + USB box