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WD800BB-00JHA0: Smart (relocs = 0) and dlgdiag - perfect, and every WinXPSP2 5-15minut Clicking head and reboot!

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13.05.2006 9:45:00
Thus, the essence of the problem. there is a hard drive Western Digital WD800BB-00JHA0, September 16, 2004 assembly, worked not so much, never overheated, and that there was a strange probema: once he is at work in Windows published klatsat sound, it seemed to me that the spindle is stopped, and Windows to reboot (I have not disabled the option in Windows about the fact that instead of a reboot was BSOD). I thought - well, you never know: Winchester was in his pocket, and there is sometimes contacts depart. He pulled out a pocket, reinforced all the electrodes, turn. . . .
and now with intensive reading with him - again down the same way. . . Well, when in the 10th once again, I thought. The other computer is the same story. The general fact that the jumper screw is on the CS, in both cases, in parallel with DVDRW NEC ND 4550 and NEC3500 + (the first and the second computer, respectively, on the second channel of Ida). Never been with them, the new equipment is not set.
What did I do to fix it: first leaked FSE files over a network, even wrote dzhavaskripte to a startup began recursive file portability - with commercials 100th restart dragged out everything. Then, run it under Dos VD shnoy utility. Spent a short test, then the test is complete, then a full test with zero entry. formatted in vindous with the aid Pmagic 8, that is, I created one big partition (before it was NTFS. And now I'm for diversity and for compatibility did FAT32). Downloaded in the internet 10 gigs of movies at work (second computer), I thought that white was failure in MBR. but after a while, when I downloaded the 11 th film klatsnul head again. . . and reboot. . . my optimism went. . . before that, I search through almost the entire Internet in search of similar problems: and never found. . . . Affairs that unlike my situation from those described in the internet and, in particular, then, that according to Smart, relocations is not on speed, softbedy if there is, it does not interfere with: a read speed of nowhere is not failure, that I and thought. . . head can soskakiat if servo is damaged. . . . but it is unlikely they are damaged: 1) under the DOS test passed without rebooting, and it is 6:00! all sectors tested for reading and writing, softbedov like no. the following assumption: overheats and fails electronics. I took a very powerful 6000RPM fan and posted it to the best electronics ohlazhedeniya: glitches still there. If it fails in the work spindle, why then passed tests under DOS? If this glitch Vind why on different machines and distributions of the same story? If gluon in the logic, the "low-level formtirovanie" had to solve it together with Partishin Magic. If this is a violation of the contact in the pocket, how could have passed the test in the Doce and even in the BIOS? If he departs in the process, why dos worked flawlessly 6-7 hours +5 hours of standing (at night tested on the left). . . . In general, I'm at a dead end. . . . What to do: to bring it to a service center (it is no longer under warranty), or. . . is not it a pity to throw away!
yes, after a reboot in Windows when the Bios again after memory conversion hear late spins the spindle, and then run the head, and then the BIOS recognizes it. . motherboard ABIT NF7 and GA7VRX.
14.05.2006 7:26:00
Tested MHDD, the results are the same: hard drive, as new, single unit with the time over 50ms. Bear to the experts?
14.05.2006 13:03:00

Be the experts?
course. In your situation, when neispravnovt swims better to just change kompanenty. And they, by and large, two. Either electronic or bank. Change electronics. And if failures will be repeated. So the bank and messing no special meaning.
sell the same remontnoiku for parts.
15.05.2006 4:48:00
I posted yesterday at tehsapport WA. Posmorim that he will answer me. . . although I have a bad feeling. . . .
15.05.2006 8:26:00

You have a problem with either iron or compatibility section curve established - polaziyte to find, such as the fact you have a lot, a fault in the total yyavlyalos only two (if it can be called a fault). . .
16.05.2006 4:01:00
As for
sections, too, so I thought at first, and in order to eliminate it, I completely filled the screw zeros. and then a variety of ways to create partitions: Fdisk, pMagic.

answer was simple. I eliminated this problem.
was found guilty vile coincidence, almost simultaneously on two computers start to fail the system in different parts of the city. It was settled by increasing the supply voltage processors, if Barton instead of 1. 65 to 1. 675; in the case of Athlon 2000+ Palomino rise voltage at 7. 5 per cent of the nominal value (it was 5, 0 percent). That Which zapadlo sometimes. . . it is the very law of meanness. And, interestingly, these glitches no memtest nor Hot CPU Tester, or Winrar not identified, but under intense reading operations - instantly.
17.05.2006 10:11:00
he is no longer under warranty

a pity that you are so inflated with a warranty, WD is usually a 3 year warranty provides. Try to measure power supply voltage at 12V and 5V can change is BP? . . .
19.05.2006 4:18:00
Well, I did not buy it. . . I would have bought a three-year. . .
thanks for the tips. . . but it turned out to be different. . By the way, I stress once measure up - well, sags a little, but within an acceptable: 11. 88 + -0, 02 (floating) and 4 973 + -0, 006 took it for a digital voltmeter.
29.05.2006 22:30:00

Hey, so what's the point is it? ! I now have the problem of 1 to 1, but I have not yet with 80BB - though these heathens identity is, but the 20-ka BB just klatsat Ottyag with Windows and go to the boot. . .
01.06.2006 3:24:00
I had an error (probably related to the electromigration in Palomino Athlon XP 2000+) - I picked up the CPU voltage (one gradation in the BIOS (can not remember exactly how many)), and it worked. + House was faulty cable and the same problems with the drift of the stability of the system.

advise you to do so:
1) 24-hour drive memtes86 + (all tests by default)
2) found in an Internet program Prime95
enter there in the password 9876, then set the priority from 1 to 10 and run the torture test, too, for 24 hours.
3) 3DMark (nature test) can be 12 hours, and watch for the appearance of artifacts or BSOD-s.

If all these operations are successful

then change trains to the CDM

if they are in pockets - take out of the pockets and connect directly.

dplee MHDD scan program. . . . if everything is OK. . . . then I do not know )))

PS. . . and to hell with him, that once the system has been stable - aging iron, alas, the phenomenon is far from theoretical - it was my case (and in fact who would have thought!)

But more can be troubles with the Bloc Ethan - if there opportunity - you can borrow from friends, or borrow a different (not necessarily better, that's what you have -. just the other can still povytaskivali periphery - for example to put vidyahu easier).

And yet do so: in Windows Disable automatic restart on failure.
shorter Come here - http: // forum. oszone. net / thread-59513-24. html everything is there on this topic. . . . .

if all this does not help. . . then write here - we will continue to investigate.
and if help - too write! interesting fact that fellow sufferers!
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HDD, SSDForum → WD800BB-00JHA0: Smart (relocs = 0) and dlgdiag - perfect, and every WinXPSP2 5-15minut Clicking head and reboot!

WD800BB-00JHA0: Smart (relocs = 0) and dlgdiag - perfect, and every WinXPSP2 5-15minut Clicking head and reboot!