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Advise SATA HDD for RAID

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24.03.2006 10:34:00
I tried to write to the group "Servers", but, apparently, SATA there seriously no one considers
In general, would love some advice or recommendations on the choice of hard drives.

Problem: Apache / MySQL and FTP (music, video) of at least one 1 TB.

Available controller 3ware 9550SX-8 , basket 5 hot-swap drives and two internal bays. Housing Chieftec UNC-310L-B .

I consider 2 options:
1. System database, logs on raid1 of 2 raptors (internal compartments), and files on raid5 of five, for example, MaxLine III 300 Gb.
2. All at once Raid 5 of 5xWD4000YR, internal compartments not use.

Which option is preferable in terms of performance?
Is there a more successful versions HDD selection in terms of price / performance?
Are there some other, more efficient solutions for such input?
24.03.2006 11:02:00
search has not tried to use it?
24.03.2006 11:36:00
Tried several
can reformulate the question - what in practice will be the difference between options 1 and 2 (in relation to the specific tasks mentioned above)?
24.03.2006 14:40:00

files on raid5 of five, for example, MaxLine III 300 Gb
yeah - great choice, cook money on recovery from these
24.03.2006 14:58:00
In one embodiment,
performance certainly higher, but the price of raptors is not funny. Accordingly, when a light load on the server disk subsystem will operate normally both. Under a heavy load of the second option would be to slow down. The general sense of this - RAID5 keeps well for reading load, but poorly on the record. FTP Server Job - mainly reading, and the system logs and the paging file - often write, that is, the system logs and preferred Raid1. Yes, and the number of I - O 2 array is much preferable. I would prefer option 1. Choosing a good hard drive. IMHO
24.03.2006 16:08:00
Screws we Seagate in using these controllers amounts - no problem.
The performance - I think that the load on the database will be small and there is little sense to fence under a separate mirror axis.
24.03.2006 23:32:00

A substantial a difference between NL-Series and conventional screws from Seagate? Price
something seriously different and the choice is small (in capacity).

And in general how this raid (RAID5 = 9550SX + 5 Seagate screws you use) will exceed a single screw on the performance?
In particular, especially interested in such indicators as IOps and linear read speed.

essential if the existence NCQ?
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HDD, SSDForum → Advise SATA HDD for RAID

Advise SATA HDD for RAID