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Why did you choose WD or not. . .

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03.03.2005 0:04:00
Let's talk on the subject, it is very important to know your opinion
accepted any answers, but please give a reasoned comments. . . . and the most important thing. . . . the most active participant will receive a gift from WD
03.03.2005 11:40:00
Because horses in midstream is not. Over the past 5-7 years especially fortunate could have time to descend to the first woodpeckers, then at Fujiko. With WD was not like this.
03.03.2005 12:03:00
03.03.2005 13:27:00
I am the owner of HDDs WD,
and I thank this company for the products that it produces
looking for is in intensive use seii
Serial ATA: JD, Raptor
ATA100: JB
and happy:)
03.03.2005 13:28:00
fast, first gave 3-hgodovuyu warranty. Decent Hardy.
I have a year and a half out of three (80, 120, 80), none of them died.
degradation parameters are not watching.
03.03.2005 16:51:00
right now is tm 20bb, 10 GB (104aa) and 2 5 (series to remember) GB.
for 5 years not a single glitch
next upgrade will be 120 or 160 WD Jb uniquely.
quiet screws in warm measure's see what will happen to 120.
yes and here them good reviews.
all advise
03.03.2005 17:08:00
120JB - the first hard drive with 8 MB buffer that could really come in and buy in Kiev. One only minius offices that sell warranty write what they like, I have 2x120 Raid0 so at 6 months of guarantee (Diavest office), and the other 1 year (Komray office).
03.03.2005 17:11:00
Thanks to all who have responded. . .

Tazhe want to read negative reviews about our products
03.03.2005 17:27:00
From negative - have saucepan 3. 2GB (schesche on old technology, to guarantee a ribbon around the perimeter) in a couple of weeks in a corner of the lid broke Toli Toli overheating manufacturing defect, after changing to the same working happily
03.03.2005 19:48:00
Hardy as many other companies, are heated. though not fatally. about 45-50
fell off a couple of times the file system on the first (boot) partition. True specials claimed that this happens in the vicinity of FAT32 and NTFS partitions.

personally I took them because of the warranty period and speed 8Mb models

03.03.2005 22:18:00
Name liked. Western Digital
seriously, at the time of purchase on the WD My 1600JD least was negative feedback, plus a very good speed.
03.03.2005 22:40:00
2 years OPERATE WD 10Gb, then 2 years WD JB 80Gb.
data loss due to physical. deffektov absent.
I plan to go to WD 160-200 silent series.
reason - terrible ringing bearing capacity expansion.
priority in the selection are:
1. Reliability (no one is immune, but the WD range of self-flowing)
2. Quiet (enough, heard enough)
3. Speed ​​(two years nazvenelo so that noiseless put above).
04.03.2005 8:27:00

new screws on the FDB are like. There is no noise at all - head only sound if the ear to attach very close, the spindle can not be heard at all.
04.03.2005 16:11:00
usually a year or two nachinaetsya whistle
05.03.2005 19:47:00
Alexander Alexeev: Regarding the reasons for choosing the WD products company - reliability and speed (in terms of these two requirements - the issue price of little concern to me). . . Now my system is 2 * WD740GD Raptor and I am quite pleased (want to see a more comprehensive and quietest products in this category Yes, I almost forgot -.. And even faster ).
If we talk about the shortcomings - it is primarily a grade, it would be desirable to all rulers of the HDD-SATA WD accompanied Included Parts similar reteyl-kit Raptor 740GD (and in particular reinforcing frame for SATA sockets). The old do not want to dig, and the new has not yet disappointing .
09.03.2005 20:35:00

this year there are plans to release WD Raptor 150 GB SATA II
10.03.2005 15:01:00
160JB - my first screw from WD (1994), had previously been Quantiun and Seagate.
At the time of purchase none of the other producers did not "inspire confidence".
main purchase criteria for steel - three-year warranty, noiseless, body assembly. After buying
discovered that runs cooler than standing in a pair of Seagate - a trifle, but nice.
general is satisfied.
10.03.2005 16:00:00
I use WD with 98go year. . . Until Samsung 98go standing 1. 3giga - died a year: just stopped detective. Seagate 1. 6giga began to die in six months: just started to appear woes - to me it is very do not like and I got rid of it quickly. Since then, I replaced a bunch of WD: first was 3. 2giga (then worth big money, paid for it more than 200u e..). Then I put the WD 6. 4giga - normal flight: still works in one of my home machines. On the main drive was replaced on the WD 20gig WD60gig (7200, cash 2 meters), later (in a year) bought additional WD60gig another (7200, cash 2 meters) and put them in reyd0: worked in a raid 3 years - no problem. Unfortunately, none of them is equipped with a temperature sensor, but it feels very hot under load. Now they are working together with the two screws WD SATA 160gig on my home a wheelbarrow imprisoned for handling video, bought 160ki just recently at the statistics there. Never any extra. fans for the screws are not used. New 160ki heated considerably less noise and almost no issue. Standing in a spacious enclosure at a distance from each other.
10.03.2005 16:26:00
What do you think the most important thing when choosing a HDD? What did you think when you go shopping? whether the seller to influence your choice?
10.03.2005 16:41:00
What do you think the most important thing when choosing a HDD?
reliability, speed, price for me. In that order.

whether the seller to influence your choice?
Oh no.
10.03.2005 17:55:00
WD proven minimum output izstroya themselves. . . it says a lot. . . but they still lomayutsya. . . 80/120/160 / 200BB JB only here with satoy until there were no problems. . . For sale but really less. . .
10.03.2005 21:54:00

and what in your understanding of the reliability and how to evaluate it? (I'm just wondering - do not look for a trick)
10.03.2005 22:20:00
read reviews, forums, concluded that the WDC 2000JD
will be the best in terms of reliability / quality /
cost less to me all the negative reviews of the disadvantages - working
much louder than my old segeyta

Sellers my choice can not affect, I always go for longer than concrete.

itself on the quality and reliability I judge first by
reviews of friends or members of the forum, and secondly the experience
use of products of any company in the past.
and Third Review different sites

10.03.2005 22:35:00
Unfortunately, high reliability is difficult to assess: work yourself, do not break - all as expected. And brag about it no hurry (not to jinx ).
A low when individual cries forums merge into a united chorus, moving in konstantatsiyu sad fact that a particular model has a screw mastday. . . and nick them shy.

last three years on the job receive screws exclusively WD, Series AB, BB, JB, Raptor, from 20 to 120 GB. Series EB - not like And her reputation is not very. . . (Heard something about a party vosstanovlennnyh screws, with a large percentage of failures) Series JD - "fake" SATA, Bridge
Here there will be SATA II - may even take a couple - in the stripe.
10.03.2005 22:40:00
What else to say, before there were Quantum 4. 3 Gb and 10 Gb,
eventually sold along with the old computer,
then there were several FUJI and Seagate 40 Gb, one
FUJI was really bad with time, one FUJI or Seagate
still works for me but also "to be ill" started
one his brother at home, too, is working, but t. to. 40GB is awful
few, it took 2 WDC 2000 I imagine the SATA, brother currently the PATA, t. to.
he nebylo connectors for SATA, while both work,
bask like not much
11.03.2005 0:36:00

What do you think the most important thing when choosing a HDD?
quality that I appreciate getting information about a particular hardware implementation, analyzing for review and discussion of the behavior of different models in their ideology of conservation information, statistics problems on the reviews, and if not strange, studying electromechanical strength. In addition, it should not be capricious cooling, t. To. The quiet cooling organize a sandwich from the HDD is not easy, and sometimes impossible. The speed should be at the level of, but not more, t. To. Still no one seriously not overtake.

What did you think when you go shopping?
remember that it is necessary to know the time of purchase.

whether the seller to influence your choice?
may be postponed if the model will report problems.

Why did you choose WD or not. . .
little glitches, but the level of a tall marriage. Because last I currently prefer Samsung, for example.
11.03.2005 11:22:00
and my new HP nintendo color liked and certainly reliability, all of those westerns that bought 5-6 years ago, work fine.
my 200-ka quiet and cold Chornaja

a general course, I bought the first babakudu 160Ga, brought home pritestim mhdedoy 50% of the disk and saw 20 green sectors changed on 200ku VD- SYUPIIIR! ! ! -Perfect poverhnot (ugh * 3)
11.03.2005 12:05:00
Why I chose a WD?

By toyzhe reason which bought Intel Extreme Edition processor, the Asus motherboard, memory OCZ platinum, chassis Thermaltake Xaser, monitor iiyama 21. 3 "

Hard drives from WD Raptor-course bought s.
11.03.2005 13:54:00
level marriage of his assessment of the experience, or use any statistics
11.03.2005 14:27:00
I use WD c 1995, even when they are blamed for the unsuccessful party in my 1996.
11.03.2005 14:31:00
Such a question: why WD has become the top cover on the screws in their Chernai color paint?
And this paint climbed.
11.03.2005 14:36:00

and what in your understanding of the reliability and how to evaluate it? (I'm just wondering - do not look for a trick)
only indirectly. According to the number of negative reviews in the forums / by repairmen. And, of course, in relation to sales. The technique, of course, to say far from perfect, but I can not use other
11.03.2005 15:02:00

From my experience something would be unreasonable to estimate, t. To. He is limited in Vol. H. The specific conditions. But even on this conference can be concluded about this, and it will be in the order of somewhere (very roughly, if you want ) so:
Maxtor, Seagate, WD, Samsung. Hitachi is not very popular. Basically reported problems 80JB and 1200JB, so it is usually advised in the case of a Samsung capacitance. My point is that the capacity of below 160 GB deprive some "concern" because of its uneconomical, but it's better than saving the entire lineup. Because in the case of lack of demand has more than 80 GB popular brand such as Samsung, which can not afford problems even on the cheapest models (because it is the people's ).
11.03.2005 16:25:00
I use since 1996 - no cases deconfinement, bedov etc. The last was bought 800JB, three-year warranty which proved decisive in the matter of choice...
Among the shortcomings noted the high level of noise (not affect fluid bearings) and the absence of a temperature sensor.
11.03.2005 16:35:00

perhaps you bought long ago JB - c-September, they all with FDB and sensor temp.
11.03.2005 20:30:00

I'm on a two-year 800JB danvosti - sensor is already
12.03.2005 1:47:00
I chose WD for several reasons
1. 3 year warranty
2. High Performance Series JD
3. availability
sale of the negatives during use highly heated up to 50 degrees, and sometimes there is a pitched squealing, although it was a half a year I did I not heard.
I WDC WD800JB-00CRA1 and a half years, I was pleased with them ponostyu. The next disc will also likely WD
12.03.2005 12:47:00

So, it makes no sense to look for PB series and buy the JB, or, still more quietly PB will?
12.03.2005 20:28:00

JB on the new platform (September 2004) is enough quiet
13.03.2005 4:19:00

. . . You WDC sales manager in Russia? . . . Pts pleased that a company interested in feedback from end users
. . . Very satisfied with your Hardy
I have 2 question for: first-WD800JB-00JJA0-how many heads in this screw?
2nd-whether it is possible to give this hard drive to work in non-stop regime (24 hours)?
. . . Thanks in advance
13.03.2005 14:24:00

But I am more interested, as new WD seriii JB things with temperature control, whether they sent colder?
13.03.2005 14:41:00
People who visit this forum, as a rule all issues are resolved in consultation with other members of the forum, as well as with their druzyai / acquaintances, and when they go shopping for thinking about - no matter how caught marriage

Home Seller task - to sell it! Typically, normal companies do not take on the implementation of the bad-proven components and so the seller knows that the product sold is more or less the same quality and specifications recommended by telling the buyer that understands a little something.

Most people who come to buy a computer (and usually most of the HDD are sold as part of a computer) as well little to understand in HDD brands and ESA but consult with the seller - there is a choice influenced by the price, volume and speech Seller

What do you think the most important thing when choosing a HDD? What did you think when you go shopping? whether the seller to influence your choice?
14.03.2005 12:28:00

thanks for the reply

when the disc was released? or serial number - if 80GB / plate, the plate 1 and 2 head

These discs are 5days 8:00 operation, while the optimum mode

24/7 - we have it RE & amp; Raptor

yes steel, but it all depends on the operating mode
14.03.2005 20:45:00
Alexander Alexeev:
this year there are plans to release WD Raptor 150 GB SATA II
Thanks for the info - it's interesting, I think that would be a reason to buy their .
What do you think the most important thing when choosing a HDD? What did you think when you go shopping? whether the seller to influence your choice?
Hmm. . . The most important when choosing a HDD is a measure of reliability, because the information that they are stored in my case is many times larger than the hard drive, and as I have no reason to spend personal time trying to recover the last results of the work in case of a serious failure (why the latter - all the rest is regularly discharged into the backup on a tape drive). The second most important figure is the speed of the hard drive. Given that the Volume of my work files is not very large - my ideal Entertaiment series of screws, namely - Raptor. . .
Usually before going to the store, I know what I need - the right choice by reading the reviews of the various conferences of the proposed purchase, and also correlating these reviews to personal preference. . . Optional hard drives - to the above reason, for me it definitely WD Raptor (after the appearance of new and more capacious hard drives in this series, I shall get them - but of course only when I am 100% sure of their reliability).
More about the choice in terms of srednestaticheskogo buyer (chat with acquaintances working in the field of sales is calculated technique.) - Most often the buyer has a very low level of training and for this reason, ceteris paribus the main criterion is the price, and reviews acquaintances on specific for him mark. Such a buyer just happy to hear the opinion of the sales assistant and skilled in communicating the seller may very significantly affect the buyer's choice. By the way such buyers are afraid of the abundance of information, and if they reload it (eg declining buyer to the choice of a more expensive and high-quality screw details justifying the choice of tech. Terms (well if the at-least 10% of said client realized) that they either do not buy anything, or buy what they recommend to friends - to such good effect bright and concise wrap Category customers poprodvinutey (so to speak interested but did not penetrate) -... these are selected already proceeding in the first place of the famous brand (read reviews of computer related magazines (paper), looking advertising in the fields and spread) or the preferences and recommendations of their "guru" (good if a "guru" they are lucky and got an educated man, or again turn to the advertising and magazines)
"Guru" -... it is most often the characters considering that know everything about computers , but in fact this knowledge is often very superficial... They are definitely more interested in technology than the previous category and distinguished by the fact that the source of information for them are not only magazines but also some zhelezyachnye conference (selecting a specific habitat, beyond they are rarely pokes his nose and often base their choice on the opinion of "older") and parties such as they are interested comrades. . .

And one more category - but it's some of us you. . . He knows what he wants - basing their choices on personal preferences (read - experience) and of objective information available, choose the best - but unfortunately often the choice affects the budget, but some spitting on the aforesaid tightening their belts and. . . . . . . Advertising does not work such . . .

And about buying already assembled the computer from the stand (good if the firm-seller in good faith in the choice of components for the system units - unfortunately this is rare) - are more frequently (for srednestaticheskogo buyer) has no difference what screw is (and indeed the hardware) , reference numerals are mostly (as on the price list, and the item description). . . Another very important factor is the charisma of a sales assistant or a "guru" if managed privoloch itself with a . . .
14.03.2005 22:51:00

People who visit this forum, as a rule all issues are resolved in consultation with other participants of the forum
I think they would rather read the forum. It is better for everyone to speak.

most important when choosing a HDD Reliability index
second important indicator is the rate
There have already been asked, and that is the reliability of HDD. In place of the "HDD" in your sentence, you can substitute all.

reviews about a specific brand of familiar
turns out it's reputation. In my opinion the reputation does not exist, there is progress, there is always a specific situation. As a result, the choice of such people is often quite funny. In general, the whole system can introduce someone to the "black band". I think that if a person understands this, he will not listen to the reviews about the brand and the more they give.

"Guru" - is often the characters believe that they know everything about computers
Uh-uh. . .
15.03.2005 0:47:00

Thank you for your detailed answers, as you know, we consider this forum as a feedback to the buyers and your answers enable us to understand how we can best work with the sales channel.
15.03.2005 14:38:00

regards to reputation. . . I have already mentioned above, that someone had heard plenty, raped on her head in a row with the problem first woodpecker, then with Fujiko.
15.03.2005 14:45:00
just something we need it - reliability, speed and price
15.03.2005 21:56:00
friends reviews about a specific brand
not talk about what it should, but it unfortunately takes place. Here's the whole story. . .
Dialogue srednestaticheskogo buyer with "guru" (above class ) usually looks like this - the Q "Look what screw advise?" - A "A. Look.." The Samsung "(here variation) of the desired volume - like say anything... cheap besides!!! "
No clashes and further details . . . With this must fight ignorance roomy!

Regarding the concept of "reliability" - guaranteed full safety of your pancakes (no even signs of artifacts) and no less than the guaranteed reliability of all the other parts of the "propeller" for all the claimed manufacturer maintenance period with a decent margin in excess of this, and at least a decent margin excess of the stated conditions. . .

About the concept of "gubozakatalka" I know. But what can you do . . .
15.03.2005 22:48:00

In fact, here we have the guarantee period, during which you can look forward to a free replacement - no more.

speeches about guarantee data integrity is not. I'm not talking about other safeguards - are not seen, but is almost certain that in the manual is written to the drives that the device is not intended for use in Life-critical systems, as napisnao in the manual on the boxed Intel. Guarantee data integrity mozhetdat only system integrator who has put much distributed DFS channels with redundancy, and even then with a bunch of force majeure. So - a good hard not eliminates the need to periodically back up the data
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HDD, SSDForum → Why did you choose WD or not. . .

Why did you choose WD or not. . .