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I can not access the partitions! Help!

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02.02.2004 13:54:00
Pastoyanno system was emptied, and will need to reset the system. The Partition Magic poramme handled the main section and moved the system. In the new system, when trying to open other sections pops up and tells Watson
An application error has occurred
[i] and ad application error log is being generated [i]

[i] explorer. exe [i]
[i] Exception: access violation (0xc0000005); Adress (0x77f919d0) [i]

As reshi Poble I can not think.
system Windows NT Server 4. 0 Terminal Server Edition.
02.02.2004 14:12:00
How about
reinstall SP6a? And try not to get access through a conductor, and a Total Commander.
02.02.2004 16:20:00
Through probyval Total Commander, nothing happens! Rather

Total Commander provides that Driver not found!

02.02.2004 17:42:00

In poramme Partition Magic
Well, start with the fact that the PM is not intended for operation in NT Server - kak-to I managed to get rid of it on a disk with WinNT Server - got killed copy OSes (though some experts say that you can unleash PM on the axis of the server under Prof-axis, setting the hard drive to the server as the axis of the Secondary Master). So try again to drive PM in the information mode partition - you can see them at least?
02.02.2004 18:01:00

I RM 4 0, 6 PM but does not work with Win NT \\ Server 2000-E. Custom sections I and Vindoze PM I see, but I can not open, windows shows them as Unknown are unknown. Why, I wonder how to write unknown devices - do not understand. To pick up a second screw (by the way, both SCSI), too, is the story - the driver set.
03.02.2004 10:02:00
Launched a program NTFSDOS (utility, which allows of the DOS or Windows (including Windows 3. 1) read NTFS drives.) Http: // www. listsoft. ru / programs / 307 /
information that has been read from the disc sections, ie. e. with a disk on a physical level, everything is fine.
Dear moderators, please do not kick me in the forums (especially Biomechanics), and send it to a forum "Support" or return back to the "Servers", please

constant my server is an urgent need to restore, all the wood, tools, distributions out there!

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HDD, SSDForum → I can not access the partitions! Help!

I can not access the partitions! Help!