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Promise Ultra133 TX2 - different problems with Windows XP (long load, stop the disc)

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30.01.2004 15:55:00
The situation is this, I put the Promise Ultra133 in

1) Now when loading windows xp as it freezes for a moment before the show desktop. After loading all works normally. . .

system such Epox 8KHA + (VIA KT266A), XP1600 + / 512MB,
M / b IDE: Pri - Maxtor ATA100, Sec - NEC DVDRW
Promise: IDE1 - Maxtor ATA133, IDE2 - ASUS CD + Quantum UDMA33 (rack)

I fumbled on an Internet, such as writing, that it is a conflict with Daemon Tools (he puts a virtual SCSI). Blew temporarily - has not helped. . . Then there were shamanistic dances (BootVis, etc...) - Such was loaded ok, but had not yet been Maxtor Promise / IDE1. Once set - brake again.

What could it be?

2) hangs on promiz drive quantum 4GB - he begins to spin / stop. Looks obviously Softovaya because large files (movies, images) copied fine, but if a pack of little, had copied a couple of small, the disc stops, the disc wound up, copied a few more, repeat until all copied.

And how to hang - it on a drum in the river, one next to the CD-ROM, close to the Maxtor 160GB to 80pin cable (and Maxtor itself on this wonderful 80pin cord lives in doing so...)
23.04.2004 16:42:00
For fixed theme, added another question, and it has not risen to the top. Disorder
24.04.2004 15:16:00
Very strange. I never faced with the problems of the Promise, but one if the first is the SCSI controller BIOS Promise often rises. There are more Fennec, that if one of the channels available is 133 th in the RAID-takes some time to determine the wheels. The only thing that I never put on anything below Promise Ultra66. Maybe the presence of the "old" drive you somehow spoils the picture? A pancake

doper (I - ) - Get ATA device! Promise controllers are not designed for it.

26.04.2004 11:19:00
Hmm. . . The fact that I'm specifically looking for the controller, which _ponimaet_ ATA devices. . . http: // www. promise. com / support / faq / faq_answer_eng. asp? faq_id = 294 (I took not just the external RAID Ida)
Well, bug-free PROMIS too like as known . . .

And, in general, ATA devices, such as CD, DVD so feel there is quite comfortable and dry.

It seems that this is the shoals of the disc itself. This is generally a great model, which, if seen, that motherboard supports the UDMA, then immediately put a gun 66. . And, if your motherboard does not support the then 66, then to the morgue. . ie would not start at all, until you take off on the motherboard UDMA. Were treated special flashing the BIOS ROM. So, there may be more, and what other schools have. . .
29.04.2004 9:50:00

Why so all are mixed, then? Each controller necessarily any braking system hangs. . .

Better way:


1 IDE MASTER - Maxtor ATA-133
2 IDE MASTER - Maxtor ATA-100

and you will have happiness and a long work bug-free. In fact, the external controller speed of Promays higher than the built-in mother, only it boot from the CD does not support.
One more thing - if you want poeksperemintirovat - put wood under the last Promays from their website, but not for Piggy and those that are written by Vyn2003 server - they are much smaller percent of Georgia and plowed much faster, especially search optimized.

All this I tested on my machine (info) - can on your and do not want the wood plow - well rearrange the screw on snesesh mother and all the cases. I just set myself when vin2003 was surprised by the increased speed of the screw - and then tried firewood from XP to feed him, he was happy with them and ate.
29.04.2004 10:29:00
Hmm, speed naturally higher Promise, this is not even discussed. Booting from CD, as I understand it is only possible to go to the DM no-emulation (Linux farewell and all the boot disks-chinilki). But I, in general, and broke with the DVD boot

By the way, as I understand it, the braking device on the second channel controller (whether CF or Promise) does not prevent the first run at full speed. Or I'm wrong?

Pro drivers from 2003 thanks, I'll try. I thought they would normally have certified them under a new OS without changing anything inside.

Move screw with Promise system, I somehow is afraid, because in the first place, see above about the brakes and secondly I have become manifest sometimes bug bitiem large file (after copying the CRC does not converge) if he moves between the controller CF and Promise. The system worked until Promise more than a year, so that the trouble is clearly associated with him. Yes, I know that there was such a trouble with 868B bridge, but I also like the new Bole?

CRC seems to be missing after you upgrade Total Commander, pah-pah (there 0x to 6. 6. 03 kind shnyaga was such that it was copying from an external Raid controllers and Ida just fought large files). Like this they succeeded - I'll never know. And also I can not understand how he could affect the Total broken files recorded on discs. . (With blanks and Pisac sure everything is OK, so again, it seems matter Ida iron somewhere).
29.04.2004 10:58:00

It theoretically should not interfere, but in practice I was like all the co-of-the-ovsem otherwise. . . When ustanvki Quantum 6, 4 to a second channel, the IBM on the 1st did everything. . . except for work - 2-3 m / s, and ALL.

A wood for 2003 - seems to be a radically reworked - to MS shit is not let. . . How long?
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Promise Ultra133 TX2 - different problems with Windows XP (long load, stop the disc)