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Compression NTFS - what are the "pitfalls"?

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23.05.2003 22:25:00
In general, I want to try to use. Not all ROM - and so on certain directories.
Will-Do defragmentation problems?
So what will happen to the load on the drive with frequent overwriting of files?
24.05.2003 4:20:00
the load will be 8 per cent). the fragmentation of the situation will not change. . .
24.05.2003 11:53:00
The biggest disadvantage: if zaporetsya the MFT, the uncompressed files can be restored, and a short (and encrypted) are lost forever.
24.05.2003 11:59:00
Hmm, not so bad
So I will back up data, and percent - well I will not parallel in Vice City to play, and all . But
space savings will be.
24.05.2003 14:41:00

Duc, huche than any archiver, wheels only for very small files, but in this case it is better to reduce the size of the cluster.
Oh well, better one to see once than to read 100 times himself try.
24.05.2003 14:48:00

kakit only for very small files
Why is that?
24.05.2003 14:59:00

compression algorithms in any comparison do not go, say to ZIP, and with it even possible as a folder on the fly to work, have a special bend.
general compression potdayutsya not all files. Graphics hardly compressed (JPEG already squeezed down to us), the more files, videos - is similar. There are only text files (txt, doc...), Well, even the database (db...).
It just sounds good. Free cheese is only in a mousetrap.
24.05.2003 15:15:00
and compression rate higher than that of the zip.
24.05.2003 15:16:00
archives especially video - the same. There are only text files (txt, doc...), Well, even the database (db...).

executables still Though now the place to save - meaning do not see. The only thing that can take, say, the same 40 GB - this is a cool database. But it compress - losing productivity (and if you have such a database, you do not take another $ 200-400 for the equipment). A compress the database can be very cool (for example, 1C discharge database file to 500 MB size is about 10 MB), but we need some speed.
24.05.2003 16:13:00

agree completely.

What are you going to squeeze? If the machine is Vice City, it is logical to assume that serious work on it you do not perform. Buy cutter, write movies / mp3 from the archives on the screw and be happy life.
25.05.2003 2:56:00

both beautifully restored. . .
25.05.2003 3:55:00
I have a production server W2k SP3, the Ram 512, 1hPIII 1000 something, RAID Mylex, SCSI-mirror on NTFS partishine BestCrypt container is made of 4 giga there done NTFS-compression. This drive is shared, with the division of rights and so on. D.

network of 24 machines really work only 20, pulled DBF database (about 400 meters, it is not packing, but in an encrypted container), a Word document, Eksele, pictures, base 1C.

not particularly slow, if not to copy a bunch of small files from one place to another in the container.

Half a normal flight.
Backup, of course, every day.
25.05.2003 10:00:00

Straight and well? In general, lossless?
25.05.2003 14:19:00
with losses. but with exactly the same as for ordinary files. . .
is printsipalno they differ for you. . . and ntfs "have almost no difference...
25.05.2003 14:32:00
losses. but with exactly the same as for ordinary files. . .

Nea situation: incompressible file on the cluster 3. With the loss of the middle of the compressed NTFS automatically lose and the last, while the uncompressed have 2 cluster (the same MP3 automatically adjusts the fallen cluster and continue to save data will be useful, and the same with MPEG-1 and MPEG-2). So potentially a case of what we are losing more than in compression.
26.05.2003 14:09:00

do not think that the grip on ntfs solid, if we take this term from rar "a. There is also a block.
although compression loss per cluster more. I do not argue. But if at least one sector of the loss is critical, it makes no difference.. . is a contraction or not. it is lost and that's it.
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HDD, SSDForum → Compression NTFS - what are the "pitfalls"?

Compression NTFS - what are the "pitfalls"?