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Barracuda IV 40Gb == & gt; Barracuda 7200. 7 80Gb

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01.04.2003 0:02:00
Decided to buy his Barre4 some more gigabytes!
Since I love to sleep sweetly in my servak ​​vaabsche no coolers!
Accordingly, for me the problem of heat and noise is very relevant!
Therefore, I stopped at odnoblinovoy Barre 7200. 7!

And let's test it, and along with the old 4th fish:
http: // vrem666. nm. ru / report / SSTIMG01. PCX [ Barracuda 7200. 7 80Gb - 54. 2Kb ]
http: // vrem666. nm. ru / report / SSTIMG02. PCX [ Barracuda IV 40Gb - 54. 8Kb ]

My tests Barra 7200. 7 turned out a little better than that of his comrades from the neighboring posts!

But Barr 4 screwed on Linear verify speed: 3372 KB / s! ! !
This Linear read speed: 8926 KB / s
Brad, read faster than the check!
suspect brakes on stage CRC check!

Actually the question: what to do with the fish?
01.04.2003 0:25:00

me for anything better and faster.
03.04.2003 8:10:00
Here's HD Tach test Barry4:
http: // vrem666. nm. ru / report / b4. gif [ 649x383, 16. 5Kb ]

seems everything is normal! However, the failure
Linear verify speed, for sure, is associated with glitches in the electronics!

Do me it leaves sideways in the future or you can sleep in peace?
03.04.2003 10:37:00
Here are my tests:

Barracuda 4 - http: // master0. at. tut. by / HDTach. gif - screw my home (PC # 1 in the info)
Barracuda 7200. 7 - http: // master0. at. tut. by / b7200. 7. GIF - assembled PC companion.

In general, all cheerful 7200. 7 except access time.
Met is an opinion that Barracudaa 7200. AAM 7 does not work, and the screw is locked by default on silent mode. . . Although untested opinion. . .

That little article on iXBT: http: // www. ixbt. com / storage / seagate-barr7. shtml

05.04.2003 17:39:00
One thread can I explain the failure of Linear verify speed?
06.04.2003 11:55:00

Your problem with incomprehensible speed Temet was apparently caused by improper operation redimom screw - PIO4 instead UDMA100. Under Windows these problems will not be guaranteed, so live in peace.

Now please:
comment either about the difference in the noise between the models - I have now Barra4 to 40GB (single pancake) and also consider her shift at Barru7200 80GB (also a pancake). Comp I, too, very quiet - spindle fourth Barra fully tapped, so that the screw more noisy I did not want (noise heads concerned to a lesser extent, although it can hear me even in a quiet redime quite clearly).
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HDD, SSDForum → Barracuda IV 40Gb == & gt; Barracuda 7200. 7 80Gb

Barracuda IV 40Gb == & gt; Barracuda 7200. 7 80Gb