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The rotational speed of the screw?

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19.03.2003 6:44:00
Prompt how radically the speed of the system with the screw at 5400rpm, will differ from the speed of the system with the screw at 7200rpm. Same size and firm (think will Samsung)
19.03.2003 22:59:00

Since boot Windows. In 7200 XP I have loaded for half a turn of the scroll bar (it was 6 revolutions of 5400). Next, the file is copied much faster (especially 7200 & gt; 7200). And so on. The only minus
heating screw, but really overcome.

P. S. And what about samsung, it is in vain. . . . Speed ​​is not their strong point better VD or fish.
19.03.2003 23:24:00

Do not talk nonsense based on the hearsay of someone. Speed ​​samsungov and if less, then to a negligible amount. But unlike other sludge of the 3-year warranty, and it
modern screws, taking into account their reliability - a crucial factor.
And at the expense 5400 vs 7200 - the difference is not so big, you just took a screw or a new model, buyout
itself faster or Windu reinstalled from scratch, because of what it will become loaded.
In general if the screw to be used more in an faylopomoyki - point in 7200
not see, but given the 3-Baksova the difference in value between 5400 and 7200 and a 3 year warranty
- I think it makes sense to take vsetaki 7200 tomuzhe Samsung 7200 does not get so too much.
20.03.2003 0:21:00

I took WD 600 BB. And of course Windows from scratch set (it was new). But I put a scratch on Windows Fujiko 40 GB 5400 at work, and twice (from scratch), and double - 6 turns. A 3-year warranty. . . You can for 3, five vintovpo guarantee change, and the data you will return one thread?
No, in principle, gnusmas want - take it, but read here about the topic Lamer Samsung, their reliability. . . And by the way, gnusmas not the cheapest, the same HP is cheaper, but then faster and quiet, read in the forum.
In general, it "s up to you

P. S. Do you want to argue, write on soap
20.03.2003 2:23:00

Heh, well, did you find any screws to compare And if as a screw 5400 to take some sort of
Quantum ST - so there is "speed" of 50 when loading XP will In Fujiko one cache 512kb against
2MB at the VD which is (a during the boot process when it has not yet loaded the driver cache is
to screw speed affects even very much).
And at the expense of Samsung, I will not argue - tired, I deal for 3 years with them, and yet they will be
as it is, I will only deal with them, because all this time with these problems were less likely ,
they are less likely marriage, although we sell them the most, and if you look - they have a good and well thought-out mechanics, there is a potentially untrusted sites, such as glass pancakes or pornographic heads parking system both at IBM, they do not overheat, and they not wedge bearings in barracuda, they is normal pin connector in the HDA, not a perversion of olovyanyh contacts, as in many other screws, and finally - a quality made electronics board, in which even the engine driver is not something exotic that figure where you can find and reliable HA13627 which all shaft. Therefore, Samsung single screw, in which I can be with what is likely to believe that if initially it does not have glitches, such as buzzing because of injury in motor transport, the later it is on level ground does not die.
But judging by the number I've seen Seagate Maxtor \\ WD \\ \\ IBM sdohshih after a couple of months after
year of operation, I am sure that the warranty on this stuff has been reduced to a year is clearly not just
so as to reduce the price.
20.03.2003 5:07:00
To be honest I had not worked with Samsung, mostly VDshki yes Siageyty.
With regard to the only in Samsungs bad feeling remained after their CD. On the other hand
praise their screws here and I think
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HDD, SSDForum → The rotational speed of the screw?

The rotational speed of the screw?