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03.03.2003 21:10:00
Actually I want to buy Novi screw, but some - not know. I've heard a lot of praise and humiliation against the hard drives, IBM and Seagate Barracuda IV Series. I myself am inclined to purchase IBM but some models do not know. Pozhskazhite who knows proven model IBM volume - 60-80 GB. c IDE interface and not to the brakes and was without glitches, but that did not hunt 10 times of exchange.
04.03.2003 0:17:00
Take GXP180 80 or 120gigov - not lost.
04.03.2003 2:09:00

04.03.2003 2:18:00
Seagate IV or V IXMO.
04.03.2003 3:08:00

If you are not afraid of scary sounds, then take IBM
07.03.2003 13:42:00
What sounds?
07.03.2003 22:25:00

Take 5 Baracuda! ! ! IMHO it is the best! ! ! Not noisy and fast! ! ! And it is very reliable! ! ! Only now it heated, a pancake. . .
08.03.2003 0:18:00

Do not be afraid you have no sound! ! It's okay, I have myself noticed. .

Barracuda - brake and not as a reliable and

08.03.2003 1:38:00
Barracuda - torimoz

IBM 180GXP - rulez, a month yuzayu - cant get enough!
11.03.2003 6:44:00
January 6, 2003 announced the establishment of a new company in the hard drive industry - Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, which includes units for the development and manufacture of hard drives, IBM and Hitachi. On the basis of the time of Hitachi owns 70% of the company, but by the end of 2005, according to plans, will be the sole owner. So IBM disks formally no longer exists.

IBM IC35L180AVV207-1
This disc senior in the lineup Deskstar 180GXP, which should already be called Hitachi Deskstar 180GXP
11.03.2003 9:53:00
IBM Screws (DTLA, AVER, AVVA, AVVN....) - mine
delayed action in the solid poltergeyts
flying as controllers and the surface.
lost in the Beavis, sypyatsya, and die despite
cooling under the most optimistic SMARTe
only plus - a handy utility for the manufacturer of
remepa bad-s.
Pisces capacity 40-80 Gb operate reliably and quickly
11.03.2003 12:18:00

Pisces capacity 40-80 Gb operate reliably and quickly
Call at least one model that is faster! And do not forget to credit the tests indicate!
And about the reliability of Fish advise you to read a separate branch here zhe on how to fly bearings. . .
So smaller unsubstantiated statements, and the stars can not escape. . . .

A search using tried? Here IBM-Seagate is discussed three times a day, what do also produce threads? ? ?
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