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URGENTLY. The problem on the RAID 5 What should I do?

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15.02.2003 15:12:00
The situation is this: There is a server on Intel's L440GX +
on it stood a RAID 5 array, and 3 physical screws (MEGARAID LD 0 RAID 5 SCSI Disk Device) is divided into 4 logic on which lived win 2000 Server SP1, the process of copying about 1. 5 Gb of files on the grid on the workstation (about the middle of copying), there was a loud squeak, tumbled a blue screen, and anything other than pauerofa, the server does not respond, after rebooting the following message is presented

American Megatrends Mega RAID BIOS ver 2. 03 jun 21, 2000
HA-1 (Bus2 Dev4)
Mega raid Express 300
1 Logical drives found on the Host Adapter
1 Logical drives failed
1 Logical drives handled by bios
Configuration of NVRAM and drives mismatch
Press & lt; Ctrl & gt; & Lt; H & gt; for entering Web BIOS
or a key fo. . . utility

utility shows the 3 screws IBM ddys -TI83 som S95E
second number shows the size and shows RBL A01 -02

What should I do? How do I know whether the dead bolt? What? How to recover the information?
necessary to recover the system.

AMI MegaRAID Enterprise 1500 RAID-Controller
Adaptec AIC-7896 / AIC-7897 PCI Ultra2 SCSI Controller

Installed on a server

15.02.2003 16:31:00
Screw probably the morgue. . .

and the data can be restored. . . . shove another drive for a place sdohshego or so to recover. . . p-studio. . .

two other screws also can be used to change. . . data from sdohshih ddys hardly recover. . .
16.02.2003 10:55:00

How do I know what kind of screw dead if shows "failed" logic? What
disk shove instead sdohshego? larger or the same size? and what further action algorithm?
of four logical drives, three were scored only 30 - 50%, the fourth 80%, what are the chances to recover the contents of the first three?

What a "p-Studio"?
a process of replacing the three screws retentive?
16.02.2003 13:11:00
No soft-pribluby first! Drive change at exactly the same, if there are indicators on each drive - in the dead will be different LED flashing. I should be dead imeeno and then in the controller BIOS, there is an option for rebildinga ride cymbal.
17.02.2003 13:07:00

And what can do Softovaya a stray?

According to recent data there is a possibility that the two screws are dead immediately ((

any recovery options can be in this case?
17.02.2003 14:30:00
if the 2 screws has died - the ****

"Softovaya pribuldoy" can make complete copies of CDs (they are not so great)
and then tinkering with them until you're blue. . . .
17.02.2003 14:44:00

1) read manuals. By the controller BIOS. There on the subject says it all.
1a) physical liveliness drive can pull up to check it to a simple Tale controller.
2) If the dead one screw the BIOS must swearing but loaded (infa on the site do not need to recover) I must dokinut screw.
3) If the two screws has died here or in the morgue or cool (in the sense of the able) repairmen (PS Maysoft lives somewhere in your region. But not sure that it is working with the Tale)
17.02.2003 17:24:00

I was urgently all the screws while the rest is lost. Sam suffered from very large DDYSov, Network + accounting on the side lay a week (well, was inexperienced and redundancy while not engaged). And the problem is similar: the screw is visible, but does not work. Yes you will arrive with Barracuda
17.02.2003 17:35:00

HDD 18. 4Gb Ultra160 SCSI Barracuda ST318437LC 7200RPM will suit as a replacement IBM DDYS? or you can
HDD 18. 4Gb Ultra160 SCSI Cheetah ST318406LW 10000RPM or
HDD 36. 0Gb Ultra160 SCSI Cheetah ST336607LW 10000RPM
17.02.2003 17:44:00
The money is there - take Chita (steers clear performance of all tears, well, if not in tatters, the strong ). I RAID assembled at Barracuda at 18. 4 and nothing, pah-pah, work quietly.
18.02.2003 9:25:00
Phew died just one screw poentomu infa left, a server wound up and the work continues
voobschemto I was very panicked due to the fact that he died in the process of copying the backup to the station - storage and in case of any error weekly work poshlab pipe (something happened all in tyapnitsu) and pass all necessary in
Wednesday Now, under the guise of, I want to splurge on an upgrade to 3 HDD 36. 0Gb Ultra160 SCSI Cheetah ST336607LW 10000RPM
QUESTION: Does the above-mentioned RAID pull such modernization? (Mega raid Express 300 32 Mb SDRAM)

PS: Thank you all, and not a BUG but you or BAD a! ! ! (Pah-pah-pah)

If not difficult to throw ssyku on the Old River - studio, we can come in handy when

18.02.2003 10:39:00
any doubts about the pull? They'll eat not of it will be and the interface is still there hanging on loops. In general, one more take on occasion in reserve (and that again will enter, but then at least ready to continue working will. Find your specifications Mega Ryde and see whether it supports Ultra 160. A TALE week to work NOT poshlab pipe backup evening Yes, and you look at the characteristics of ischo Raid support hot SWAPO. If yes then you can generally collect at cool mobil cancers device
18.02.2003 15:46:00

"The Raid characteristic of" no support hot SWAPO can not be, because the "Raid" to hot SWAPO relationship has nothing to do! it is necessary for the hot SWAPO "right" on-off, provided that the basket structure or SCA-shnogo sockets on the disks (80-pin connector: bus signals + power).
18.02.2003 15:54:00

And where is the data to be reset? And then what they mean when they write controller characteristics Hot-Swap support
18.02.2003 16:30:00

seems you about different things: on SCSI and IDE respectively.
18.02.2003 16:41:00

But there is no 80-pin connector is also in IDE and SCSI, 80-pin IDE connector no power, like as I or somewhere buggy.

Let's understand the problem
21.02.2003 15:03:00
. . . . to start about a 80-pin connector on the IDE in question? ? ? What are you talking about? ? ? I had kind of SCSI connector! In the IDE, you may imeeet mean plugs on the basket, so that's not every basket IDE supports hot-swap. For example SuperSwap basket from Promise supports hot-swap completely. And the food goes through the same connector, but the supply is carried out after turning the key (turn on disk).

What kind of reset the data in question? You mean discharge data in the buffer lazywriter? And with the support hot-swap system will record all before disconnecting the drive? ? ? - Bullshit! ! ! Yeah dreaming
When not in the manual controller written Hot-swap means nothing. I repeat for the hot-swap is necessary to correct "electric" off the hard drive. The SCSI RAID systems, there is no mention at all about the hot-swap since it from the RAID controller is nothing "supernatural" is not required! ! ! Disables on a basket screw, remove, change (or not), you turn back, do reskan all! ! ! No problem as IDE and of course on SCSI.
21.02.2003 15:17:00

To be honest I always thought that the IDE cables 40ka-contact / 80ti-veined. . . .
22.02.2003 6:02:00

turned seemed Indeed it is.
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HDD, SSDForum → URGENTLY. The problem on the RAID 5 What should I do?

URGENTLY. The problem on the RAID 5 What should I do?