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HDD, SSDForum → He took the same fish 5120 GB with 8 MB cache (was: So, there were only two: IBM 180GXP and V. Fish Can Be Only One.....)

He took the same fish 5120 GB with 8 MB cache (was: So, there were only two: IBM 180GXP and V. Fish Can Be Only One.....)

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29.01.2003 13:09:00
Speed, in principle, do not care.
Although 5400 would not be desirable.
I think you need something dvuhblinovoe (60 GB per platter) at 7200 rpm.

Right now I should Fish 4 40 Gig and her silence me extremely happy.
Maxtor and Samsung did not offer because of personal antipathy.

Seems to me, the choice will have to be made between IBM and Seagate.
Prompt, eyeing what model and what you think is best.
Can I still forgot one of the manufacturers?
29.01.2003 13:25:00
WD forgotten like, especially when you consider the possibility of a 3-year warranty, though the last question under study (see. My theme).
And earlier (more than 7 years ago), the WD I was very pleased and more than once, it is good that the firm regained (yes even if it is only in my eyes ) its reputation. Also I am going to take and I have the choice was between IBM (NAV longer correct to speak Hitachi yes? ) and WD. Where to find longer guarantee real and buy a screw.
29.01.2003 13:43:00
No, not WD also eliminated.
here have I seen them recently refurbished I had one. . .
Nafig nafig.
13.02.2003 12:56:00
All you have to buy soon.

In general, you tell me one thing: which one is quieter?

120 GB IBM 180GXP


120 GB Fish 5?
13.02.2003 16:47:00
I think Fish quieter and soul I have them is longer still, but was forced to take a Maxtor itself - was not at the company at the time of purchase
14.02.2003 0:44:00
Take bold IBM 180GXP gigs at 120. Quiet and quick, and the cold - no problem!
16.02.2003 3:36:00

A "IBM 180GXP gigs at the 120" faster IBM 120GXP gigs at 80mb?
16.02.2003 22:39:00
In general, you tell me one thing: which one is quieter?
Fish should be quieter - there is foam sound insulator due to which the screw more heat, so often write about the fish that it needs good cooling. So as you can see behind the silence of the screw has to be paid, and yet the fact that the cooling that you will think your screw will not make noise.
16.02.2003 22:44:00

Most likely yes, because there are 2 full plate for 60-plus GB.
17.02.2003 12:57:00
I think that a similar screw larger capacity may be slower, since the head block has a large inertia and a fraction of a millisecond can uvelivatsya access time positioning, and itoge- performance drop. And besides - more capacious screw noisier, it is 100% all the tests proved to iXBT.
And about fish - it is not necessarily forced cooling. Of course, if there is a way a couple of screws one over the other, though the stove is in the form of Athlone, besides a hot room, it must be cooled
17.02.2003 13:45:00

you're wrong!
in any line of the biggest screws - the fastest! !

proved niknik "om!

ps I would not buy IBM... They did not even make the screws... For it is in the HITACHI...
17.02.2003 15:53:00
Well I do not know, like before mentioned, which is slower (for reviews iXBT remember).
05.03.2003 9:44:00
Tonight I go and buy IBM 180GXP 120 gig in IPLabs for 145 bucks.

Of course, if you do not talk me to 17: 00. .

Damn. . . Here is my cool strained:
IBM 180GXP - new melodies of a new model

05.03.2003 10:45:00

find on ftsentre recent review screws and esteem, for example, about Maxtor (with the letter P). 120Gig too, but 3 pancakes on 60 trims. transfer of 60MB / s, sik - 12 ms!

still want to buy IBM?
05.03.2003 13:16:00

Yes I spit on sik and transfers.
main thing - silence and reliability.

probably take 5. Fish. .
05.03.2003 13:34:00
Take fish
V, H last week took the 80 gig in the quiet mode will not be heard at all in the fast - barely audible. Blown by a valve at the 7B pace. above 35 is not raised even once.
05.03.2003 14:29:00
OK, right now I am going on for the Fish Savyolov 5.

But here is the question: whether it is necessary to consider a variant with 8 MB buffer?
whether it will give something compared with 2 MB buffer? (And more expensive dollars on 20).
05.03.2003 15:10:00
I have exact same problem - tomorrow or the day after buying the screw on the 120GB, to 7200. . IBM but still think. .

maybe you about the article with 160GB screws? There yes Maxtor with trimmed plates, 120GB nobody will do of 3 plates 60

IBM has in fact the main problem - the fact that if they shake / wear / connect-disconnect it departs contact and further bedy and etc., in 180GXP it too there is?
say if IBMovsky screw once screwed into the body and never touch the problems will not be.
05.03.2003 21:44:00

say if IBMovsky screw once screwed into the body and never touch the problems will not be.

it if it does not include
06.03.2003 9:45:00
So, I bought yesterday at Savyolov Seagate Barracuda ATA V 120GB and, notably, with 8 MB cache! I thought that the buffer is 8 meters only Serial ATA is, it turns out - and ATA100 too. . .

Looked IBM-ovsky utility - really 8MB cache. Translated screw in silent mode the same tool - became as quiet as my previous Fish 4 (also standing in quiet mode). Warms the screw too as well as Barra 4. So wrong those who claimed that 5 fish noisier fourth.

With broken out small hitch (4 beat section - 8/8/80/18 GB). fdisk fell into a stupor from such volumes and wrote the wrong numbers in megabytes (although as a percentage of all was OK).
format with the same boot the Win98-drive brought everything back to normal - all defined in megabytes Chiki Chiki.
largest section 80 gig formatted 35 minutes (purely for reference).
established Win98, until normal flight.

That's what I strained, dear (can soothe?):
when he took home the screw from the plastic bag, found an easy pokotsannost on the sides (abrasions on the metal), as if the screw is already inserted into the system unit, and with exertion. The sealing foil sticker on the side, too, a little flattened (but not damaged, just like nail hurting that part of the foil, which lies on the metal part of the rotor housing). The rest of the screw impression nulёvogo - fresh stickers, shiny surfaces, banks and so on. . .

Does not it scary?
As I understand it, these screws were recently restored and I would just could not get caught.
format bedov not revealed (though vindovsky skandisk I have not yet launched). Arguing
sensibly, where a lot of trouble could bring something, if the screw accidentally dropped on the floor (and I have it on their appearance in any way would have to be determined).

go and deal in hot pursuit - laziness (and where I have 60 gig salt, which has already managed to take a new screw?).
Although, if you convince me that this is something terrible pokotsannost and screw needs to be changed immediately - will have to go to the showdown.
He took a firm PE Belov.

Well, I wait for your wise advice (especially from Comrade.)
06.03.2003 13:08:00

and for how much you bought barracuda?
06.03.2003 13:26:00

and for how much you bought barracuda?

5400 rubles.
175 bucks, a pancake (it was with a 200 bucks, they exchanged at the rate of 31. 00, that count...)

If a cache of 2 MB worth 25 bucks cheaper (4 thousand rubles. With something)
06.03.2003 13:46:00
and that by default it was not in silent mode?
(really loud pops). . .
and what to do if a wheelbarrow linuh and no drive, how to translate the screw in silent mode?
loaded with sdroma or is there other options?
06.03.2003 14:14:00

1. Default - in loud mode. Acoustic Management Value register is equal to 256, I think.
Put 128 - the difference is very noticeable. There's a test you can get rid of, on the spot (the screw very quickly starts to move the heads), and so, after installing the silent mode the impression that the screw is wrapped in foam and covered the pillow - so the sound became muffled. As Barry 4.

2. Program from IBM creates a bootable floppy disk, which then loads and starts automatically setup utility. I understand that there is used PC DOS. Maybe you can from under linux make somehow different, but certainly hemorrhagic. Simply come to the man with the drive and Windows, translate screw in silent mode, and plug back into the linux his wheelbarrow.
06.03.2003 14:34:00

yes, 8MB cache models have ST312002A

for sidewall screw you take when pulling out of a plastic box. He could get to stickering, but in normal firms with screws reading the barcode, rather than stickers. . .

about abrasions - complicated question
I gained strength screw for sidewall

Can SMART-utility see the value Start / Stop Count, or Power-On Hours and if they exceed the theoretical amount of restarts of the hard drive or the time of his work in you, then you can talk about what you have to screw someone tested.
06.03.2003 14:43:00

yes, 8MB cache models have ST3120024A
Yes, it is this model. Firmware 3. 33.

SMART-utility can view the values ​​of Start / Stop Count, or Power-On Hours and if they exceed the theoretical amount of restarts of the hard drive or the time of his work at you, then we can talk about what you have to screw someone tested.

Oh! Now this is interesting.
You can read more about this?
Which tool to use, where to take it?

And the most important - if I find that I have to screw shamelessly yuzali - is it because of this change?
Or it do not care, the main thing that bedov not?
And anyway, they owe it to me to change? (2 weeks manibeka there - but as I understand it, only in the case of obvious faults...)

What is your personal opinion?
06.03.2003 14:53:00

I understand that exposing acoustics Level - quieter directly proportional to productivity falls. . .
about acoustics with IBM's exactly the same could be done
06.03.2003 15:01:00

better proven screw missing BB, than a lottery with a new screw (IMHO).
"long" the hard juzat could not - they only recently appeared.

for smart utilities - everything is in the FAQ section.
06.03.2003 15:36:00

I understand that exposing acoustics Level - quieter directly proportional to productivity falls. . .

Come on, do not you will feel even a small fall speed. But silence and increased durability ensured.
This I say as a doctor - and a half years on the Fish 4 in quiet mode.

Thank reassured.
runs SMART, Scandisk. If everything is OK - well, okay. Best the enemy of the good. Yes, and I know so much spilled screws that when buying nepotsarapanymi were (mainly woodpeckers)
07.03.2003 10:18:00
Raise the topic. . .
07.03.2003 10:20:00
to ALL:

Ran yesterday SMART. Here is
logs smartudm program. What do you think? How all that scary?
(note:. Infa was removed on the second day after purchase screws Before this screw I actively yuzalsya for two days (split it, fill it software from the old screws, screws to connect and disconnect several times, etc.)

th HDD 1 Model: ST3120024A
th HDD 1 Size: 114 473 Mb (111. 79 Gb)
th Location: Primary Master
th Serial Number: 3KA175HF
th Controller Revision: 3. 33 th
Buffer Size: 8192. 0 kb
th Compatibility: ATA / ATAPI-6 revision 27
th PIO Mode Support: 4
th SW DMA Mode Support: None
th MW DMA Mode Support: 2, Active: None
th UDMA Mode Support: 5 (UltraDMA / 100) , Active: 5
th Current AAM Value: 80h (80h recommended) - enabled
th SMART: [s] enabled
th SMART Self-test: [s] enabled
th SMART Error Logging: [s] enabled

th TEC prediction monitoring started at: 06-03-03, 18: 34: 52
Attribute ______________ ID_Threshold_Value_Indicator ____ 1 / Month ____ T. E. C.
* Raw Read Error Rate_____1____6_____69__yuyuyuyuyuyuyu 0. 0 Unknown
* Spin Up Time___________3____0____100__yuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyu 0. 0 Unknown
Start / Stop Count_________4____20___100__yuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyu 0. 0 Unknown
* Reallocated Sector Count_5____36___100__yuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyu 0. 0 Unknown
* Seek Error Rate_________7____30___100__yuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyu 0. 0 Unknown
Power On Hours Count_____9____0____100__yuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyu 0. 0 Unknown
* Spin Retry Count________10___97___100__yuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyu 0. 0 Unknown
Drive Power Cycle Count___12___20___100__yuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyu 0. 0 Unknown
Drive Temperature________194___0____45__yuyuyuyu 0. 0 Unknown
Hardware ECC recovered___195___0____69__yuyuyuyuyuyuyu 0. 0 Unknown
Current Pending Sector____197___0___100__yuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyu 0. 0 Unknown
Uncorrectable Sector______198___0___100__yuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyu 0 . 0 Unknown
UltraDMA CRC Error Rate ___ 199 ___ ____ 200__yuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyu 0 0 0 Unknown
Write Error Rate __________ ___ 200 ____ 100__yuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyu 0 0 0 Unknown
TA Counter Increased _____ 202 ___ ____ 100__yuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyu 0 0 0 Unknown
NOTE: "*" means life-critical attribute
th T. E. C. not detected.

Attribute_______________ID_Threshold_Value_Worst_ Raw Type
* Raw Read Error Rate_____1_____6____69___60__000001022C14h PR ER
* Spin Up Time___________3_____0____100__100__000000000000h
Start / Stop Count_________4_____20___100__100__00000000000Dh EC SP
* Reallocated Sector Count_5_____36___100__100__000000000000h EC SP
* Seek Error Rate_________7_____30___100__253__0000000DBE23h PR ER
Power On Hours Count_____9_____0____100__100__000000000007h EC SP
* Spin Retry Count________10____97___100__100__000000000000h EC
Drive Power Cycle Count___12____20___100__100__000000000011h EC SP
Drive Temperature________194___0_____45___54__00000000002Dh SP
Hardware ECC recovered___195___0_____69___60__000001022C14h ER EC
Current Pending Sector_____197___0____100__100__000000000000h EC
Uncorrectable Sector______198____0____100__100__000000000000h EC
UltraDMA CRC Error Rate____199___0_____200__200__000000000000h PR ER EC SP
Write Error Rate___________200___0_____100__253__000000000000h
TA Counter Increased______202___0_____100__253__000000000000h EC SP
NOTE: "*" means life-critical attribute
Attribute types:
PR - Performance-related ER - Error rate
EC - Events count SP - Self-preserve

th Reallocated Sectors: 0
th Current Temperature: 45 C
w Drive Power Cycle Count: 17
11.03.2003 9:23:00
No, well, then, all had died or something?
Who says what about SMART?
11.03.2003 12:34:00
Who says what about SMART?
all right. Do not pay attention if there are a few floating values ​​RawRead Error Rate.
Yes, if the temperature is close to 50 degrees, it is better than any further cooling.
11.03.2003 14:09:00
Well, about 8MB buffer at the 5th fish 120g one thread has something to say? It makes sense to pay the extra $ 20 for it?
30.03.2003 17:33:00
Other things being equal under external cooling the temperature
existing instance Seagate ST 3120024A (120 Gb, 8 MB, firmware 3. 33) by 3 degrees higher than that of the existing instance
Seagate ST 3120023A (120 Gb, 2 Mb, firmware 3. 31) ,
and 4 degrees lower than the Seagate ST 360023A (60 Gb, 2 Mb, firmware 3. 33). Without cooling
prone to rapid heating to a temperature indecent (48C), in contrast to the ST 3120023A
(one instance can juzat without blowing at all, ie. A. The temperature does not change much).

HDTach Schedule from ST 3120024A (under the same data obtained by cloning the 120 Gb) somewhat cleaner, but it is smaller and in operation. S. M. A. R. T. parameters are the same as the Seagate ST 3120023A, in fact except for the cache model is the same.
By default comes with a disabled AAM.
principal difference between them in the normal operation to conventional problems (without specific tasks) is not observed. To pay or not pay - it is deeply personal. I was just curious to try poyuzat rare model. Find the pros, I will be glad not find out - well, $ &% with him.
you the difference between CDRW Teac with 2Mb and 8 Mb where ever noticed? Well, that's about the same here.
31.03.2003 14:34:00

I do not understand, as the screw 60 gig one plate may be 4 degrees hotter its "big brother" 120 gig with two plates?
31.03.2003 16:07:00

BB-FDB bearings against
06.06.2003 15:50:00

Listen, you do not say that you have a fourth Baracuda happened.
And can prompt as it to silent mode perevsi, and that I had previously read that there have Baracuda fifth silent mode. I just takoyzhe hard use, I bought about the same time as you, but for 150 bucks, and now it's worth 125 bucks.
28.10.2003 9:37:00
Please Note:
http: // www. fcenter. ru / articles. shtml? hdd / 7745 (Major League-7200rpm drives.)

where you will find the answer to most questions (about the superiority of the Hitachi with 8 mb buffer and not particularly good results SATA screws...)
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HDD, SSDForum → He took the same fish 5120 GB with 8 MB cache (was: So, there were only two: IBM 180GXP and V. Fish Can Be Only One.....)

He took the same fish 5120 GB with 8 MB cache (was: So, there were only two: IBM 180GXP and V. Fish Can Be Only One.....)