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05.09.2002 11:14:00
Hey you, knowing ALL!
There is a problem:
suddenly. . . for no apparent reason has sharply increased flow WD200BB screws marriage. When checking DLGDiag shows an error 0256, who do not know, explain what this means an error on the disc. (You can see exactly here ) Prog offers zaremappit drive, but you know that it is crap.
When testing revealed that the screws coming out of the two parties. One March 2002, the other in June 2002. It seems it would be possible to assume that a box with the screws just abandoned, left in general is simply wrong addressed during transportation and storage, if it were not one common to all of these screws detail: all of them were small round stickers with the words: "QAT B12 "or" QAV B13 "is on the other there were other signs, I do not know, late to track their steel.
One client "flew" one after the other as much as six screws. . . But, alas, he was not one hurt.
In support "e" R & K "to this question was received this answer:

in response to: Re: Strange stickers on hard drives sent Technics
September 3, 2002 at 18: 02: 10:
must be:
QAT - The product has been tested on the operation (at the factory)
QAV - The product has passed a visual inspection for
QC mechanical defects - appear to Quality Control, met him on various products

Question asked here
seems like everyone else. clear, additional testing and so on. . . But that's why then "fly" screw it with stickers and in such quantities?

soap were sent to support Western Digital, but they keep the stubborn silence

I would like to hear the opinion of a respected public about it. . .
05.09.2002 11:17:00
projects, eh, I have on a server is WD200BB. . . I'll go check it out for stickers. . .
08.09.2002 22:40:00
Hmm. . . If Horn started trading again restored westerns, this is not good. . . And so they spoiled the reputation of Western blot - are still afraid of the people.
09.09.2002 16:44:00

I think, just somewhere on the road beat the party's sypyatsya.
10.09.2002 15:51:00

Duc! Western said that all this garbage that they are restored after 100EV screws do not sell and do not play them.
agent is necessary to implement the factory some thread they

I think, just somewhere on the road beat the party's sypyatsya.
Frankly, so do not think about it hotstsa. . . No one did not prove anything. . .

10.09.2002 16:37:00

Was I at the time the story of the horns and WDC32200. Bought, set, warming himself by [sensored] - a month - bedami went. Bring down in the guarantee, I give - "special" look - and you have a crack. After some wrangling, agreed that if-I had hit him - there would be an influx, but it is not. Waiting for two weeks, calling - come to take away his dohlyaka. I - a fig, let's expertize! ZEsche through de week - and he's expertise in. . Singapore%). . . So in the end the new distance. Silly was, it was necessary to take the $$ and then poobemney buy as cheaper. Well, nothing, I'm so horns with curved double-decker dimami heated

200BB is worth more than a year, yet alive. . .
11.09.2002 16:05:00
Screws clearly recovered! ! ! Symptom one. I was on one seyshene the South. . And there was a representative of the WD (Indian by the way), and he was on seyshn to Intel (server and mother. D.). He says why not buying WD? We say thank you, but we have such a good does not it! (And drives must say good, fast, because if not rained..). He: - swear that sell more recovered will not, they say, too burned losing the Russian market. And we again began to sell them. . Currently there are no problems. .
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WD sypyatsya with frightening speed% (