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Render screw IBM 40 gig for 80U. e! ! !

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20.05.2002 22:50:00
A friend sends over $ 80. IBM ice screw 40 gig in excellent condition in the 7200 revolutions.
price firms around 94-97 dollars.
What do advise pliz! ! ! !
20.05.2002 22:52:00
Well, if normal then take
Tyo and generally you do not here
20.05.2002 23:38:00
Beriberi just not much to say! !
21.05.2002 0:59:00
This lottery. What guarantee? 2 years old - it is possible, or - I do not advise. And how will juzat? If you pull on the car, you may quickly die.
21.05.2002 8:38:00

first check resource screws! ! ! And the remaining potential!
utility DFT http: // www. storage. ibm. com / hdd / support / download. htm
Also, check SMART screws utility SMARTUDM http: // www. sysinfolab. com / ru result all will turn the inside of the screw. .
can screw all already. . . live not long from now. .
21.05.2002 10:14:00

I and 50ue not take. . . .
21.05.2002 22:36:00

Well, you're all clear

Big sanks for prog

Your obyasnenie I and 50ue not take. . . .
22.05.2002 1:03:00
is man
a) has already got burned by IBM
b) appreciates the value of information more screws Warranty
22.05.2002 1:37:00

I have this stuff (IBM), and six months not worked! ! ! !
That's what made the new (inept) leadership with the once "Galubym giant"! Eh, lost Lucci Screw company)! ! !
And still the main thing: with friends and acquaintances of acquaintances screws from AyBiEm fly (all 40 gig) in an amount! ! ! 8 PIECES! ! !
22.05.2002 10:04:00

The search IBM. . .
22.05.2002 12:54:00
Well, if I gave him one that would take. . . and kill, kill a reptile
22.05.2002 13:54:00

Firstly, too expensive, and secondly, I would not have taken 10 - Why do I need a floppy disk broken?
man because not sell because he "just did not like the screw." . .



I 30Gb IBM each barely 30 shoved. . . And without
Bedov - before this Drive Fitness Test had to chase
Most likely, if the same situation. Die in 2-3 months.
22.05.2002 15:06:00

Well. And maybe you are lucky? Although
. . .
Here's where to find ASku gigs at 40.. . I would buy. . .
22.05.2002 22:45:00
I'm giving each and history itself I know it! ! !
Ask your screw! ! !
23.05.2002 0:12:00
So what I'll tell you everything! ! Screw it the very best! But what you will about him Gauvreau true. That's just you do not speak about mollusks screws and the Hungarian. Enti bastards actually fly and grunting (by the way there is a theme here polezte see sundry), and that they just do not. That's why some buyers dovlno of one hundred (I also am to them)? ? . So before taking the screws, see where it is produced

way on the topic about IBM grunts I nearly not soaked. Meant Hungarian - written Bulgarian, but there STE nonsense, I think the principle is clear
23.05.2002 7:04:00

I saw you in the subject of grunting. I
Thailand. All OK.
Ran fitness swallow! As I was.

you drove tests? If everything smoothly, take it, but you can throw ashche price (so, in a friendly), such as on the basis of statistics
23.05.2002 9:39:00

have other production was Malaysia, and also banged Bosko, eventually had to use DFT. After 3 months, the situation has started to repeat itself. Another sick of it, and he sold it. IMHO of course affects the production of the country, but not far - city. but - it is the city. but, wherever produced

way, I screw the new Maxtor D740 40 Gb bought last week for 90. And then - old woodpecker beyond 80. Putting the need for at least half.
23.05.2002 9:51:00

This lottery.

Find more gold piece and do not worry take a new one.
23.05.2002 10:17:00

About country just watched Caique we came in for repair. There is no difference, 50 to 50 Thai and Hungarian (I mean IC35L... AVER07)
23.05.2002 11:20:00

quality can say one thing: as long as I did not touch the floor, the (nowhere wore trail no fiddling) he did not swear. . . Yes, apparently capricious, but 10 survived reset (to some branch dough screws on the "strength"). One may simply run DFT, and treat it. . . raises screw. . . . let's hit the road. By the way, SMART is restored to normal. . .

And about: take it or not, can in fact, since I sat down to Avery, pay, right to buy a new one?
23.05.2002 12:24:00
I IBM DTLA 307030 screw (Hungary, one of the first Mar 2000 runs from August 2000) - living almost 2 years old, very fast. recently I bought in addition to his Vancouver 60 and 80 gig - normal flight. (80 separately)

PS. Each screw is a lottery, but IBM number of unsuccessful outcomes higher
23.05.2002 14:00:00

Yes, apparently capricious
Maybe he really eats due to overheating (improper food)?
http: // www. nvworld. ru / ubb / Forum4 / HTML / 000,582. html
23.05.2002 20:44:00

's where to find ASku gigs at 40.. . I would buy. . . - And what does not suit D740x the same volume? or even slower but cheaper?
23.05.2002 22:08:00
Yes interesting opinions heard about this, but how many underbid neoyuhodimo (70 -75 dollars.)

How Maxtor in use. They say very quiet (5400), but at the expense of 7200 revolutions do not know
24.05.2002 10:13:00

satisfied with almost everything. Just because I have a D740 D740X-6L bow. . .

you do not mess with IBM this. I believe and have no guarantee? If only IBM remained. Most likely DTLA series. . .

PS. I like I like to sleep peacefully. . .
24.05.2002 11:00:00

Volume - on the level of woodpeckers, and even speed - and a half times higher. If you do not need the 7200 - 5400 take - D540 for $ 82. These are almost inaudible. And with a normal warranty.
24.05.2002 11:29:00
I have written a new topic today, IBM 40 gig - do not take it for any money. Just like the floppy disk that is not a pity to lose the content.
24.05.2002 15:54:00
IBM 40 gigs - complete bullshit, I have not worked for months and 2. I stood up so that he was not formatnut not fdiskom pokotsat own
25.05.2002 21:57:00
And what about the speed of 7200 compared with the 5400 loss of 20% of the performance, but the $ 20 Economii and not as they are flying! ! !
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HDD, SSDForum → Render screw IBM 40 gig for 80U. e! ! !

Render screw IBM 40 gig for 80U. e! ! !