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Dumb things dissolved with Fuji. . .

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12.03.2002 17:29:00
The situation is this: there Fujiko, when I shut down the computer and turn on not seizing the moment the screw begins to publish horrific squeak. It seems that he could not get loose spindle, and pauses when it's okay. Other Trouble not. Maybe it's time to send to the rest? (still under warranty)
Yes, since not all the Smart Table vporyade if accurate parameter Udma Crc32 walked right up to the threshold.
13.03.2002 8:59:00

Would you even have marked, not immediately psychics.
13.03.2002 11:06:00
Here the problem is not a specific model of the screw. . .
and generally Fujitsu MPG3204AT (20G) 5400 Rpm.
13.03.2002 15:29:00

Greetings, fellow sufferers! my story is this: about a year ago took Fujiko MPG3102AT 10GG chkrez half-year og dead. silently and irrevocably. I traded it for a guarantee for a fee and took MPG3204 20Gb. a couple of days ago, he began to die: after the running 20-40 minutes, then stumble, stops and freezes. again it can only be run by first pressing the reset, then believe and then may start. immediately after pressing the reset Beavis does not see it. and power metal with hangs or does not respond. After this procedure, he works 10-15 minutes, then less and less until no stalls. They say it heads controller overheats. I tried before overwriting it with notebook fan - help: working 3-4 hours almost without interruption. try or exchange under warranty or if broken off to place the cooler. (Think, too)
13.03.2002 18:35:00
Fujitsu MPG3102AT -E (release date 2000-12) made in Philipines
I'm somewhere in the May-June 2001 began to stop the spindle.
could hear a little like trying to twist but can not. And
could stop at any time or do not start. Did
sharply and set the backup Quantum 20Gb 7200rpm (to be honest I do not remember the model, but working on it for almost a year). Now out of the box I took out Fujiko do not know if somehow you can spice it up? Do not tell me?
14.03.2002 10:57:00
I do not know what to say. . .
I took a screw of this company as one of the most reliable, but probably just unlucky okay, I scratched a guarantee for 2 years and has passed only 0. 5, wait - see, I will not kill him yet, the hand does not rise.

's wait - see (tm Russian folk)

'll try too cool, but I specifically took the rpm of 5400, that there were no troubles with overheating.

At what time was the stop? When you turn?

now out of the box took out Fujiko do not know if somehow you can spice it up? Do not tell me?
Do me have any utility Fudzhovye, I can send on soap.

14.03.2002 12:10:00

Hmm. . Here is the house two MPG3307AT (ser N- VG11P0900HFL, VG11P7900HFU.) - Both with the same breakdown, vklyuchaesh- bios determined, the machine is running smoothly before turning off, a break from work 5min. All Beavis screw does not see, a couple of days podklyuchaem- screw works fine until the next shutdown (Bedov not).
15.03.2002 17:56:00

running smoothly before turning off
for a couple of days left to drive bytes you do not try?
Series MPG **** AT -E becomes often referred to confer, is not it?
15.03.2002 22:07:00

puts on the day - no problem (at an Internet shaking), the performance of normal screws, stupid glitch just get on your nerves. Apparently something with electronics. . .
16.03.2002 18:25:00
People who Fujiki MPG 10-20Gb look at the Fujitsu website - they confessed to some error in the firmware of these drives and released a patch.
16.03.2002 20:02:00
general I think savye dumb disks.
supply customers in the INet -cafe 15 cars - half a year left nemenyanyh 9
16.03.2002 23:13:00
people who Fujiki MPG 10-20Gb look at the Fujitsu website - they confessed to some error in the firmware of these drives and released a patch.

Where? : - (
http: // www fujitsu ca / ​​download / hard_drive html ...

17.03.2002 0:08:00

Um. . . and about MPG3307AT word. , it's a pity.
17.03.2002 21:25:00
With MPG3409AT 40 Gb 5400rpm such trouble. After working for two hours and begins to spin the spindle without any reason at all, and hangs. After rebooting, the BIOS does not detect it. But if you give him a rest n-hours, all right, and then again and again. . . (Deputy:. Greatly heated by mikruhi!)
17.03.2002 22:18:00

same crap - only recently is not loaded. . .
17.03.2002 23:18:00

problem I screw MPG3307AT in general clarified, after starting FJDT, program generated error code A106G4 (Pre-Smart Error) , sorry I changed the MPF to MPG.
18.03.2002 12:10:00
I watch all these problems with Fuji went immeno of the parties after 07 2001go there that the narrow-eyed freebie persecuted
18.03.2002 13:48:00

So, just do not have to throw up here
18.03.2002 16:29:00
FJDT. , The problem can be revealed.
18.03.2002 17:05:00
This Fujitsu Disk Tools

downloaded. . . left to see what cheese.

18.03.2002 17:19:00

And about MPG **** AH -E any observations? Start pantovatsya?

And we can with pitalovom were troubles, and then as a result. . .
19.03.2002 14:58:00

BP. AOpen FSP300-60Pro-GoLD for P4 (with two fans) , sold in the BOX version $ 90, I do not think he pulled just two screws + CDRW + PIII800EB- for this monster nonsense. . . Obviously
SMART screw flew. . .
20.03.2002 9:21:00

well a marriage like there, but not great out at me strangely behaved
not read files hang out and everything, and no reboot pomgala, on off, all ok
made with HPT on a regular controller drove two days, everything is OK, smart 100%, all the prog say that everything is oK, here I am now on sin ST6, I changed the bios on it not long ago. . . .
right now everything is OK
21.03.2002 19:30:00

downloaded the update utility firmvare. I've done everything. It's like working for a third day for 12-15 hours a day at an Internet cafe (a test that's me). And no longer stop. Probably it helped.
It says that this is an update to Fujitsu MPG3102AT and MPG3204AT. I have, and that and that, but the latter is working fine, and says it is not necessary to update. He is, by the way IBM label that allegedly tested for compatibility with the IBM Personal Computer system and manufactured for IBM by Fujitsu and IBM warranty void if removed. IBM wonder they put themselves in the brands or for what purpose is it? Release Date 2001-09.

22. 03. 2002 drive began stopping again. The most interesting plow all day - nothing, and no-load evening stopped pancake and Vinda hung. I reload all right again. Ran FJDT utility writes Unrecovered Read error (Fail level). Previous time chasing - everything was normal. So much for the update firmvare. The cooler is fastened to the electronics cooling. I will continue to accumulate statistics on this screw.
25.03.2002 13:04:00
As long as the disc has put a stop to NULL.
Ran diagonstiku "this disk no errors"? ? ?
24.04.2002 11:17:00
Finally I found drive type 1. 44 MB

Did floppy and. . . bummer writes something, there is no need to reflash, but in pdf says that a firmware update for mpg3204at screws c 80S2 firmware version, just like me.

'll have to write a letter in support, could answer a year later
24.04.2002 19:00:00
Look at all cost who futzhik ostanadlivaetsya
so there D1758 transistor look for letters that are written on it

I came across a lot of screws and all Q J probably put it. But I was wrong.

25.04.2002 11:43:00
The same rake. . . On the home computer
Fujiko MPF 3153 AH zaglyuchil. He was a year and two months. After several hours of operation - hangs a black screen. Then BIOS is not found. With utrechka - as if nothing had happened. Right now I downloaded FJTD. In the evening and see what to say. . .
25.04.2002 16:10:00
See branch cold. "Fujiki" crumble. Perhaps the fall. . .

lot of interesting find
25.04.2002 21:38:00
Continued. MPF brought this to work, set the slave to your computer with the MPE master. While considering what was going on, hung a wheelbarrow. Blue screen on counter-alt-del does not respond. Rezet - bios were both not define. Withdrew MPF - everything is fine. This utility FJTD, with the flop - says - all successfully passed, can work. That bastard. In this screw two dissertations. . .
dragged into service, 2 years warranty. ChEKITom checked - there bedy. . . $ 21 co-pay, it gave Samsung 40 G. And with the "e" recorded a new one. Such are the cases. With Fuji on - nothing to do. . . Chevo you wish for.

way, this trouble - made in Japan

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HDD, SSDForum → Dumb things dissolved with Fuji. . .

Dumb things dissolved with Fuji. . .