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NTFS -> FAT32? ? ?

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24.01.2002 1:50:00
Piled on her head Location: juvenile downs put WinXP (RUS) at 60Gb
FAT32 screw (yes, one disk), which is under installation at glyukanul
/ FAT32- & gt envelope; NTFS /, and then to drive home computer is no longer met, except that
determined by BIOS. What exactly happened to me so have not been able to explain,
maybe I just do not understand. Result - partition like sabzhevoy and even
normally seen / read / written under w2k when booting from my screw, but
envelope back to FAT32 does not want to. Format is impossible, and temporarily throw
36gektar nowhere. I not found in w2k converter if bad looking - nose poke me
, pliz, because fat32 found only in a subject, but not vice versa. Try partishn
Magick 7. 0 for DOS - begins to convert, but then he swears on any error
file system and refuses to convert it. Check for errors by using
Fix-It 4. 0 errors under w2k not revealed, but partishn magick click Convert - & gt;
/ NTFS & gt; Fat32 / no longer appear. Then came the idea to make
resize partitions, t. E. All the free space to make another logical drive fat32, willows
gradually kopirnut all there, then again, resize, copy remaining and
disc format, followed by conversion to fat32. . . . Ha 60% of the entire process
resize PM gives error and then the partition is no longer readable or under w2k, or
under NT4. 0 (I do not mention 9x line, t. To. They do not understand the subject). PM also
refuses to make a second attempt to resize, but the Old on the free / busy place and
what NTFS partition it still qualifies. . .

Attention to the question: possible to restore the Old after all this, and & gt; if so, how? .. Diskeditor and the like are not predlgagaem, that is to have no
& gt; sufficient knowledge in this area (most likely kill definitively if
& gt; it has not killed), and offices to restore the screws are not suitable for
& gt; for obvious reasons.
& gt; As an option it was to miss screw through EasyRecovery (Ontrack), but 60gig. . . The & gt; Generally it is a couple of days of work, and no guarantee that everything will be restored & gt; without CRC Error. . . Dee and throw restored - also need to separate & gt; disk / partition, which is not.

24.01.2002 8:46:00
Well, you namudril. . .
Whose screw? Walk on the manufacturer's website - for example, IBM has a very useful tool, though, mostly, of course, to format. Look utilitku ZeroFAT ​​- it is our programmer, waypoint. Although if you messed up PM, imho you will need a miracle. . .
24.01.2002 23:27:00
Yes you spit on ethno if you urgently aspect it nafig all infu sorry but not this happened and if not immediately then knocked him lay the cloth and read read the manufacturer's website and on iXBT online makrodyrok can lift. . .
25.01.2002 14:05:00
can www. restorer2000. com save? but the screw, where the Old fold still have to look for. . .
25.01.2002 15:45:00
It happened like a screw when converting to NTFS. Patitsiya was visible, all the BIOS written OK, but in the middle of the screw appeared black spot, no matter where you record or read out nothing was impossible. High and low formats hang in the process, and the error is not thrown away, just hang tightly.
I do not know what to say.
ZY. The service advised zaformatirovat this piece (about 1 gig) and all. The screw had to be sold for a penny.
25.01.2002 15:53:00
All screw already otformatili But I would like to know the future way of dealing with such a lazhey. . . All
senks for Real Estate Friend softinkoy, I will seek. . .

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HDD, SSDForum → NTFS -> FAT32? ? ?

NTFS -> FAT32? ? ?