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WD400AB vs SeagateU6 vs Maxtor D540X-4K? ? ?

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28.11.2001 19:41:00
Fathers, I would like to receive as a standing board! ! !
Which is better to buy 90 of the above bukazoidov
drives? ? ? It refers to 40 gigs.
28.11.2001 23:22:00
About WD I do not know anything. Seagate U6 quiet spoken, but he did not yuzal. But he does not like the ATA 33 that's for sure - the speed drops compared to Maxtor to ATA33. How will the U6 to ATA66 would like to know myself. Maxtor IF NORMAL fall (!!!!!!) - It is quiet and quick even in Ping mode. I work on an overclocked the PCI bus = 37 MHz. But you need to choose something to the spindle rotates without a beat, not whistled treble, not warmed himself and mikruhi too. Chr. . . n then take back warranty! Yes

forgotten. I 4K040N2 from Indonesia. 4D more like it.

28.11.2001 23:44:00
Maxtor is the fastest, but after a while some really high whistle appears. Someone is very annoying (even compared with a circular saw ), some do not, in general, IMHO as lucky. . .
Seagate I almost did not hear (at least for the PSU fan), but the trio he is braking.
WD speed average and not too far behind the Maxtor, but there are doubts on the reliability and reputation is not very short (in my opinion), and 2 pancake him (at Segate and Maxtor one).

general, IMHO, if you are not afraid of possible whistle - Maxtor, everything else he's better and WD and Seagate. If there are no special requirements for speed - Seagate. And with the WD I would not bind himself. . .

29.11.2001 1:34:00

I then came across an interesting article: http: // www. *******. ru / articles. shtml? hdd / 1143,
means Maxtor taxied all, but do not clear its reliability? All of this as something trying to be silent! Noise is indifferent to me, I thought it would be the last for me when choosing a factor. And what do you say to the expense of such a thought that gives WD 6000 rpm (neofitsal'nyy but confirmed two old paternal tests), it is confirmed by the statement (specification) access time of 5ms. , Nevyazhuscheesya with 5400rpm?

I with mother all right, theoretically holds ATA100 (screw did not have to check ). And where it screws right in the store tests, tell me? ? ?

In secret, instead of ******* - *******, here (moderator, close your eyes, plizzz)!

And so ftsentr.

29.11.2001 2:24:00
Regarding the reliability of this model Maxtor say nothing is impossible (not enough time has passed...), But that this screw is actually Quantum "ovsky, but in terms of reliability at Quantum good reputation... So the" silent "about the reliability likely because any problems with it at _dannyy_ moment there.
About high speed WD're right, but tell me what is the meaning of 6000rpm, if this performance is at the level of the screws with 5400rpm? After all Maxtor-it still is faster... And because rpm increase automatically raises doubts about the reliability...
29.11.2001 18:05:00
I WD400AB plows on 7200 (October 2001).. Maxtor And WD will only under W98, as far as I understood from ftsentrovskih articles.
29.11.2001 19:37:00

not quite true.
Maxtor always faster in Hi-End Disk Winmark, and WD - in the Business Disk Winmark. Although

, 7200rpm version WDxxxAB in any taxied Maxtor D540X

29.11.2001 21:18:00
, checked finally we found AB 7200 , or simply summarizing the available data ?
way, someone explain to me all the dregs, which provides in part the work of emulation Frontpage Winmark? How can I get 130,000 megs / sec or higher (according to the latest tests)?
29.11.2001 21:45:00

Is that you overlooked on ftsentr. RU?
29.11.2001 22:53:00
recognized in the company engaged in the repair of screws, they say almost all WD fly
29.11.2001 23:10:00

not, yet did not find, summarize (but do not lose hope )

such a good result in the FP obtained only on Athlon and seems only to Athlon XP.

carls n
so, only t-cccc! Beat. . .

yes, yes. . . to them as only the dead are. . .

29.11.2001 23:23:00
For carls n
I'd like to know myself. But in principle, if the firm is practicing manibek, you can listen to give it at least on the table, is energized. So it is necessary to agree on the check.
29.11.2001 23:42:00

For 4 years all the 17 screws that I put myself on the car - were WD (only the last 2 IBM). So, alas, all WD fly can not, in principle,
30.11.2001 8:20:00

Yes I myself on Durikov 133000
01.12.2001 7:58:00
Seagate U6
01.12.2001 11:14:00
Seagate U5 to buy a computer in our office. I believe that the first impression - the most correct, so U-series, I would never advise anyone I will not.
01.12.2001 12:32:00
WDHHHAB, repairs have not been seen, too, but the U6 Maxtor 540X across and two on the first week of life of a new computer with a smart
01.12.2001 16:30:00
Do not even know what and advise, I have been working in the company for prozhazhe computers, will be frank:
I saw a lot of dead westerns, half Seagate party returned to us from users on garantii- resuscitation can not be, AyBiEmy work no more than half a year - too die, Maxtor (which former Quantum) is not returned to us, and went with a bang, and that's what most interesnoe- Fujitsu with no problems (although they concede is probably all of the above for the speed).
main thing is not to take any - something previously unknown - it may for example be the same westerns, only dumb can they be called by its name, or anything else.
01.12.2001 17:45:00

and that's what most interesnoe- Fujitsu with no problems
Can poprodavat recent Fujitsu 7200 - laugh together
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HDD, SSDForum → WD400AB vs SeagateU6 vs Maxtor D540X-4K? ? ?

WD400AB vs SeagateU6 vs Maxtor D540X-4K? ? ?