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09.10.2001 19:57:00
Prompt plz in this prog version 2. 3 kill bed unit? repair functions I have not found a version 2. 5 xs where you can download it as not looking nowhere present, in the forum all the links are old and there is no nifiga
09.10.2001 20:57:00
Senka, conductive zayuzat
10.10.2001 1:29:00
and there for v2k?
if you can then post a link to the exact address for v2k. .
10.10.2001 15:10:00

only DOS, Win9x.
11.10.2001 0:48:00

DOS? What is it like? vesriya old? or first casts vin9h and there's a thread doing?
11.10.2001 0:56:00
I Karoche poyuzat version 2. 5R
garbage êàî - spinrite taxis to remove bedov definitely!
Thank you.
11.10.2001 3:00:00

Where it (SpinRite) can take? So that without the $ 90?
11.10.2001 15:09:00
www. filesearch. ru
input spinrite, swing and yuzay health, the program itself does not weigh more than 90 pounds but there are files with docks for it so can the size and reach 450+ kb

yuzaetsya ONLY under DOS

11.10.2001 17:08:00

DOS - which MS-DOS 6. 22 (for example). Works like Spinrite (OS plan).
Win9x - Version 2. 5.
11.10.2001 23:34:00

well, which 6. 22 ETOGES and so clear I thought
12.10.2001 21:43:00

You then advise prog spinrayt, in the description it is written that it performs non-destructive low-level format. This is how so? She even has a mode of operation that would screw it showed the state, but did not do anything destructive to him (not recorded)? I'm afraid to run in a fully serviceable screw.
12.10.2001 21:51:00
Guys! HDDUtility does REMAP or not? And then I have the old hard courts at 1 Gig appeared Bad B. Alliance. And this beautiful REMAP do? Connect this beautiful old hardak and one forward, or that M is selected which type you hard to treat, and so on. D.
13.10.2001 2:49:00

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