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Need help with SCSI massive creation. . .

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17.09.2001 21:14:00
Hello friends,

I "m planning a digital video capture system. Need Your advise pls...
i gonna use ASUS CUV4X-DLS mobo with LSI 53C1010-33 Ultra160 SCSI controller (2 channels / 68 pins). I want to connect next devices:
1. IBM Ultrastar 18ES DNES-318350 18 (GB) 7, 200RPM Ultra2 - boot drive
2. 2 x Seagate Cheetah 36XL ST318405LW 36 (GB) 10, 000RPM Ultra160 -
apps & video data
3.. Plextor CD-ROM UltraPlex x40 Wide (Wide Ultra).
4. Plextor CD-RW PX-W1210TS UltraSCSI.
5. Some SCSI Umax scanner.... (using converter)
I wanna know how to connect devices above without loosing speed
cause of slow devices (such as slower IBM Ultra2 drive, CD-ROM / RW)
I "m really new in SCSI world, and time is an issue:. (
Thank You all!

-Misha Drofeev.

PS: sorry for english.

18.09.2001 15:37:00
[I] and time is an issue: ([/ i]
Please advise.
19.09.2001 11:18:00
Option 1:
1ch: IBM + Seagate + Seagate
2ch: Plextor + Plextor + Umax

Option 2:
1ch: IBM + Plextor + plextor + Umax
2ch: Seagate + Seagate

19.09.2001 18:58:00

Which case is most optimal, and why?


Misha Drofeev.

20.09.2001 1:15:00
Why strangle Seagate, I am for the second option. Seagate freedom!
20.09.2001 15:30:00
Will i be able to create RAID0 (stripe) between Seagates?
20.09.2001 17:50:00
Yes. but it is better to breed them to different channels for Ryde.
20.09.2001 22:12:00
And last question,

What speed will i get from Ch1 & 2 in both cases?
Cause IBM is pretty fast for CD-RW / ROM connection (UltraSCSI), but i don "t know if connecting it with Seagates will slow the performance of two Ultra160 drives for video storage. (And RAID0 if any)

-Misha Drofeev.

21.09.2001 11:45:00

In the second version, CD and the scanner will lower tire SingleEnded mode, and thus IBM will be able to work only in the mode of UW (40MB / c) (and it really is and not give so much...). This Seagate will feel at on the highway.

In a first embodiment, the tire in LVD mode, and drives - who was capable, ie, IBM -.. 80, Seagate - 160. If while working with Seagate will not be parallel to such a swap on IBM - this option is also viable, He offered his t. to. I do not know what else on this machine will be done. . .

second option is preferable, but on the first channel can be a problem at IBM and Plekstora (CD-ROM UW) due to a possible imbalance bus, ie a CD-RW and scanner -.. 50pin.
Moreover, the scanner cable at least 50cm. On the scanner must be active! ! ! and only terminator. Problems can only be at UW speed. If you omit the IBM and CD-ROM to the FW (20Mb / s) - must all work even with a passive terminator. . .

P. S. And ideally buy a four-thread type b / y Tekro 390F (UW) and hang on it all apart discs. Then the disc is completely hands are untied. . .

21.09.2001 15:46:00
Big RAID, est,

Thanks a lot guys!

-Misha Drofeev.

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HDD, SSDForum → Need help with SCSI massive creation. . .

Need help with SCSI massive creation. . .