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Quantum AS started to crumble?

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31.08.2001 12:09:00
Five months worked, and this morning Wind is not loaded and disk read error takes off - a characteristic sound (trying to read), NDD found 4 Beda
Sizhe think what to do. . . . .
31.08.2001 13:26:00
if standing on nerazognanoy bus - me on the warranty, without thinking. Infu Slay. You can even check the cable and the end of the food for poor contact - was a joke for me, when at the end of the park the food is not stuck in the screw to the end. BP could still glyukovat. . .
31.08.2001 13:45:00
Comp office -.. Ie, without any acceleration.
Mother GA -6BX7.
housing InWin c PSU PowerMan.
Screw the only t. E. Other "nagrevateteley" except for the processor (P3 600) and vidyahi (Matrox 450) no. . . .
31.08.2001 23:33:00
Go low size. If
bedy remain - in warranty. If
will recover - probably it was a soft-fail. We have a pile of cured discs.
03.09.2001 18:25:00
Today this screw evening wildly banged in windsurfing climbed write errors on a disk, after a reboot of the screw is not visible
03.09.2001 18:33:00

yes without thinking warranty! ! !

Go low size. - wondering how? More precisely what you're going to do it? How to re-nanesesh servo on a screw? ? ?
03.09.2001 18:49:00
I'll go tomorrow. . .
04.09.2001 4:50:00
Accept my sincere condolences! I
second week of repair, still can not be repaired (in the "Grand Technology")
05.09.2001 6:17:00

if standing on nerazognanoy bus - for the guarantee is changed
Even interesting. Well, if I was?
06.09.2001 0:41:00
We use a program in Media analise IDEFMT mode. Powered by 5+.
06.09.2001 4:06:00

But she did not delat LLF.
06.09.2001 20:31:00
I changed the drive with no issues (on a same - I am now afraid of Q AS, but there is no choice) but to help with the restoration of at-least some of the information there could not (vrode Kay cool office ...) only agreed that bail will take the screw itself for a week and try to do something. . . the situation is:
if the screw is not turned on for several hours, it is a detective in the BIOS, you can even boot (with another screw) and try something drained, but it lasts not for a long time (which is why Georgia should be in DOS - Mazday still longer loaded and lose LFN) all accompanied by tapping, then knocks continuously communicating with a screw there and hear what stops the spindle - all screws are no , when you restart not a detective, but if you give it a rest for a few hours, the cycle can be repeated - if not, to give him relax more. . . .
someone told me that looks like a flight controller - until mikruha cold something somehow works, but once warmed up - everything. . . although cold to the touch all who
that tell me? we can hold it in the refrigerator
08.09.2001 20:23:00
08.09.2001 21:58:00
At Quantum is a known problem with the overheating of driver chips.
Refrigerator in this case it may help for a while. . . if you have time to drain the Old. . .
09.09.2001 1:49:00

AS not CX, Lst10, 15 - it constructively differently designed engine controller and microcontrollers Philips or Panasonic not.
10.09.2001 0:21:00
treats ))
10.09.2001 7:53:00

A try to replace the electronics with new screws, that you may be exchanged
10.09.2001 10:50:00
Yeshe I tell a story about such glitches with the screw.
I now have been, WD400BB screw and once in the morning did not want to load masday. Over time (it had znyalo about a day), he went so far as to no longer be determined by BIOS.
Stuk no heads, but when it freezes, then hears a cyclic movement (interval of about 3 seconds.) Head and a barely audible whistle or something like that, when he tries to read the first disk cylinders.
it all to the fact that he too opredelyaetya after a long rest, but not for long.
I still can not figure out what it was he had problems with a can of Toli Toli electronics.
He could not so quickly become covered troubles! ! ! By the way native
scrap wrote me an error 207 error checkpoint 1, error checkpoint 2
SMART wrote limit read errors exhausted.

So what if someone found a solution to this problem, share experiences, and I do not know what to throw on the floor Toli Toli controller board everything else.

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HDD, SSDForum → Quantum AS started to crumble?

Quantum AS started to crumble?