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Why does HPT 366 bedy?

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09.08.2001 16:46:00
Why HPT 366 vstroengy in Abit BE6-2 bedy mother does?
09.08.2001 19:05:00
And detail.
09.08.2001 19:08:00
I lump all firmoh say that it just makes beryat Bolok bed and I myself was convinced!
09.08.2001 20:50:00

know - it's a bit absurd. Now I sit on the HPT370, but for a long chat with the 366 revealed that the main problem of incompatibility with some models of screws (and even then mostly in the early vesiyah bios.
course not be excluded that the rejection of the whole batch of mothers.

Describe the problem.

Flex 66?
The connector is plugged correctly?

10.08.2001 5:42:00
And why did you decide that the troubles pounding HPT 366?
10.08.2001 8:04:00

As they explained by the appearance of bedov? ? ?
10.08.2001 9:54:00
From problems with your power screw. I also ABIT HPT366 just a separate controller. and DTLA and any Quantumy working normally more than a year
10.08.2001 16:17:00

Just that these controllers do bedy!


C power screw all okay!

11.08.2001 15:04:00

Once again I say - check loop (or better try the other).

12.08.2001 2:14:00
With the train all right I checked out! !

on my HDD instead it sits Cdrom

12.08.2001 23:22:00
Screw what?

DTLA any Quantumy working normally more than a year

this does not agree

especially IBM sucks works

13.08.2001 13:34:00

you that he did not know what the maximum for CD-ROM - UDMA33, and HPT usually yuzayut for 66. There ESA but the other train. And the quality loop and hands. dll demands a little bit more.
addition sidyuk on HPT is generally not recommended to hang. And contraindicated hang them slaves to the screw.
Bede may also make the faulty controller - the theme has been discussed.

IBM - say bad, but Quanta is perfectly normal (self yuzal not one).

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HDD, SSDForum → Why does HPT 366 bedy?

Why does HPT 366 bedy?