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HELP. Guaranteed removal.

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30.07.2001 23:40:00
It became necessary to remove the information from the hard drive, so that it would be impossible to restore or what utelitami. Help. Do not offer to split the screw, mechanical damage does not suit me. For
previously grateful.
30.07.2001 23:45:00
For example, Norton utilities have Wipe the program, which erases files, and then it writes zeros place, so to speak about the restoration is no longer necessary. And dofiga other prog that make it the same. Patition Magic 6. 0 seems able to fill the entire partition with zeros.
31.07.2001 0:04:00
and where you can download? ? ? ? . . . . . .
31.07.2001 0:27:00

and where you can download? ? ? ? . . . . . .
in the near stall with CD
31.07.2001 0:29:00
Take blshoy file size of a few hundred megs, and writes it to the screw many times in different directories, for example, until the end of the place. All the old infa guaranteed clogged.
31.07.2001 0:35:00
the question of who is protected?
if by intelligence services, the "Take blshoy file sizes of a few hundred megs, and write..." not go. Remanence however. . .
you look ttp: // forum. ixbt. com / 0011/004404. html
31.07.2001 1:51:00
near the bull's-eye. . . . .
31.07.2001 11:09:00

Sorry, but the residual magnetization - is, in my humble opinion, is nonsense. As it is possible in some cases to consider the Old floppy, demagnetized in an external magnetic field, and then, if it was not too strong. And count on it Old, overlain on top of the other - no. Even if it is possible in theory, it is this work even on a diskette, in comparison with which the embroidery beads mischief. And as for a decent amount of the screw and say nothing.
31.07.2001 14:00:00
I kind of believe. Even hands soon try. Probably.
31.07.2001 14:12:00
SpeedDisk "th Walk with enabled function" write zeros after defragmentation "
31.07.2001 14:33:00
Paragon Disk Wiper
www. paragon. ru
31.07.2001 14:56:00

I would be very grateful if you can communicate what happened.
31.07.2001 19:44:00
As far as I remember the American state standard from 7 to 12 times rewriting zeros content (depending on the desired degree of secrecy). Prog bcwipe (with sidyuka) just offered to clean in such standards. If he did not find write on soap ocliker @ chat. ru
31.07.2001 23:31:00

"... With a floppy, demagnetized in an external magnetic field,..."

's just a strong external magnetic field data is actually killed.
heads during operation (due to heating) is not ideal to trekpozitsioniruyutsya (this termokalibrovka was invented!!!), Hence the residual magnetization at the track edge. The current record in the head is not so big to wipe the residues.
not argue - long, expensive, special equipment is necessary, but if there is a real need, it is possible.

01.08.2001 14:15:00

only after demagnetization drive failure will most likely. Svremennye wheels really only factory formatted.
02.08.2001 13:57:00
If you do not want to throw the disc - no magnetic field!
explain why.
Drive golovok- all hardy to last at least 5 or even 7 years - linear motor. In contrast to the previously used stepper, positioning the head on the cylinder can be carried out either by a sensor, which is put in the factory when formatting, either already recorded in the gaps between the information - servos. The external magnetic field strength sufficient information for murder - will kill and servo. All. Was positioned on the cylinder can not - go nuts!
02.08.2001 16:00:00
Low-level format. And all
03.08.2001 1:26:00

Well, it depends on whom the information to hide! If is controlled by officials, it is cheaper to throw hard, the sky than in a cage.
04.08.2001 12:57:00
So the right answer and did not get. . .
I can not delete all of the information. . .
necessary to remove tolkochast information. . . so that would be another left. . .
04.08.2001 13:37:00

necessary to remove tolkochast information. . . so that would be another left. . . If
immediately (within seconds or a maximum of units of minutes) - in any way. All known methods for the guaranteed removal of information from magnetic media or work for a long time - hours (and can selectively delete information) or take away the screw with the information at the same time quickly, but it entirely. . . So strengthen administrative measures Safety
06.08.2001 0:10:00
rights - if quickly, ABSOLUTELY. . . et the disk and then to the landfill as possible. . (Or guarantee
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HDD, SSDForum → HELP. Guaranteed removal.

HELP. Guaranteed removal.