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Gentlemen, help make friends these two things, please: Note ASUS U30Sd and SSD KINGDIAN S280 240Gb The situation is such that in the BIOS this SSD is visible, but the boot does not come from it or from any other carrier. The work of the laptop is paralyzed.
Hello. The other day, I copied files from a Samsung m2 portable external drive, when about 50 GB downloaded the process hung, and I had to disconnect it from the wire. After he began to blunt. When you connect, the rotation starts, but there is a barely audible periodic click, the indicator is on.
Good day! Help advice. There is a SP S55 240Gb patient with a Phison PS3110-S10C-12 controller. He wore a system on himself; at one point, the system stopped winding up. I connected the SSD to another computer, neither in the BIOS nor in Windows itself, it does not define it.
There is an ADATA SU655 240 GB SSD on which there is OS Win10 PRO x64 and ADATA SSD Toolbox 3. 0. 4 versions.
Good day to all! I will try to be brief and concise. I am an amateur in this matter, but my goal is very real and almost achieved, so I try it myself and ask for help from people who can advise something useful. I thank everyone in advance for criticism, including in places, you will understand. . .
Yesterday from a small height while working in a laptop (I burned some information onto a disk) I dropped Western Digital Elements Desktop 4TB.
During the tests, specified criteria such as: - Sequential read / write - Random read / write - Mixed read / write - multithreaded read / write fact that of these parameters mean and why is intended? When does a drive work in multi-threaded \ mixed \ sequential \ arbitrary? And why
Good day. At the factory for 5 years already works 1C server (from DEPO) - this is the so-called. " Bundle " from 1C - pre-configured server (windows serber 2008r2, mssql, 1c server).
Strange affair. In Windows, I turned off write caching. I run a data integrity test - I copy 2GB video, wait 1 sec after recording is complete, and unplug the power supply from the outlet. As a result, I have a video file that is played only by 10%.
Hello. Used exclusively for watching movies on TV. Began to slow down, and write and read at all. I sin on constant off / con on TV. I checked it by Victoria, after half an hour of testing, I realized that there was no point in checking further. There is no important information.
All specials - ICE. Prompt noob.
Such a question puzzled. I know that fresh controllers have significantly reduced this figure, due to which the efficiency of developing the resource of the flash array has increased, which in turn compensated for the lower endurance of TLC memory.
I transfer the Seagate 5TB info from a pair of 2TB WD Ultra (in turn, and the Ultras themselves are of different generations, if that). MacOS Mojave (if important). I copied, then 100-300GB to 5TB, I take on a new batch of files, and here the copy speed drops to 2-4MB / s.
There is such a self-encrypted disk. It has a partition named WINMAGIC with two executables and unallocated space. On the second, I can not create a partition, although all tests for the integrity of the disk passes ok. It seems to be the latest firmware 08TH.
Expensive time of day to all respected forum users! WD HDD 2TB: My Passport WDBLHR0020BYL WDBUAX0020BYL The color and size are the same. . . . Help determine the difference on off. Website information - in the 2TB Passport section - only some other WDBS4B. . . . . . . . . . . .
It seems to be a simple question, but for some reason I didn’t find an example for my case. On the 1TB screw, a 10-ka is installed (comp.
Background: WD hard on 2TB was purchased at the end of the 14th year, at the same time Windows was installed on it (Win7 64bit Prof), it has not been rearranged since, and hard is always in use on the main computer.
Communicated with the support they wrote that the list of supported SSD model. Flash Disk KINGSTON SSD NAND 24GB SMS151S3 / 24G LF + HF ntbtrtyte75682 KN. 02407. 001 Flash Disk INTEL SSD NAND 120GB SSDMCEAC120B3A LF + HF Firmware: LLH ntbtrtyte757582 KN. 1200N.
Good day, dear forum users! What is the maximum amount of an external hard drive you can connect via usb to LG OLED? The instructions indicate that these TV can see discs up to 2TB. The support service also reported that more than 2TB TVs on WebOS will not see.
Purchased 2 HDD Hitachi Ultrastar He10 each with a volume of 10TB. The zalman dual hdd docking station (zm-mh200 hub) on hand does not support HDDs above 3TB. Can anyone suggest containers 3.
Section 600 GB with a large number of files of various types. When checking, mhdd finds about 800 badblocks, REMAP does not work.
In connection with the recent purchase of Samsubg 650 Evo ssd for 250 gig, there were several questions to which I did not find an answer googling.
Good by all, such a problem - bought adata gammix s11, mp recognizes it (MP asrock ab350m pro4), the installation begins, passes successfully, the computer restarts - and it shows that there are no boot devices.
Colleagues, tell me what and how to do? Given: laptop ASUS K501ux, HDD Seagate ST1000LM35. Win10 Home (OEM) is activated. Additionally, the Plextor PX-128S3G SSD is installed in the system, the system sees it, the disk is defined and installed as a basic, primary partition, NTFS.
The new WD20EZRZ makes sounds with a simple, such usual sounds of a working disk, only too rhythmic and sounds everywhere - in dos, bios, even without a data cable. I know about parking vedeshek, the sounds are not the same. Here you can listen: https: // vocaroo.
There is one PC with several win-OS (selectable at startup, including WinXP) and several HDDs. It is planned to install a new HDD with more than 2Tb formatted in NTFS (i.e., WinXP will be interested in it).
In general, I got myself a new ssd for the system today, the old one will become a repository. Pasted into the system, created a volume. Decided to be a real He, in the reviews, gave out much greater speeds MP I have asrock ab350m pro4, the latest BIOS firmware.
External drive has become RAW! Previously, the standard utility from transcend helped, but not this time. Other methods did not help either. I stumbled upon an article on diskpart! 1) Type cmd and right-click on the program that appears and run the utility as an administrator.
To begin with, I bought a disk for the Intel 760p system and everything was fine after the tests. But I put branded utilities for Samsung and Intel and updated the software. A friend on Intel has firmware 001С, and I have 004С. And my reading speeds of 4k have dropped.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen, please tell me where can I order portable (external) hard drives by Russian post? , the manufacturer does not matter to me, my budget is from 2000 to 3000r, the volume of a portable (external) hard disk must be at least one terabyte.
Hello. I started to notice that when working with a hard disk (installing games, downloading from a torrent), the computer starts to slow down very much. The windows open slowly, the explorer downloads folders for a long time, etc.
(This is a continuation of the previous topic)
Junior quote Status: Offline Registration: 18. 11. 2015 ntbtrtyte99717 Good afternoon. In a hurry I bought a 64 GB card for cheap, it turned out to be some kind of strange. . Here are the test results: Warning: Only 63964 of 63976 MByte will be tested. The media is probably faulty.

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