Hard disks, solid state drives

delivered the second disc quantum fireball 30GB, BIOS, DOS see it, even fdisk and format did XP SP2 does not see it anywhere, any device, any Start - Settings - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Control computer - Disk Management. . . Screw set slave to the first disc quantum fireball 20GB.
In the presence of a motherboard that supports SATA / 300 (SATA II) and screw terabyte Hitachi HDT721010SLA360 respectively with the same SATA II interface.
Got already someone drives up with helium? How do they work? Interested in real reviews.
Barracuda IV 40gig. cut down the computer the next day wrote 32giga partitions on the disk does not run fdisk he writes that the disc is only 8meg and it has already created non dos section. you load DiskWisard he says everything is OK drive 40 has a section 2 (t. e.
Let me start with an apology topic, if this topic has somehow surfaced. . but I honestly have to use the search, my conscience is clear))) So we have: Notebook Asus A7sv, inside worth the drive FUJITSU MHX2300BT Boot from the CD and the Boot of Hiren subsequent launch MHDD fail.
Given: Screw 2TB Hitachi Needed: choose an external container for it. crux of the problem is indicated in the fact that the outer container is often a limitation on the size of the screw up to 1 TB, and someone points directly as Gembird, and someone like silent AgeStar.
How to prevent the loss of information from the HDD 16 MB of cache failures (power systems) on older computers with XP SP1? (For many prog there are that do not work well under XPSP2 update and search for them in no time...
Hello, All! I'll start from afar. First a SCSI device I purchased back in the 95th year (it was bought from the hands sigeytovsky screw 1 Gig, who died peacefully of old age in January). And I thought I knew everything, or almost everything.
Never had the experience of communicating with SCSI, search the forum just confused me even more I need to choose a SCSI-controller and hard disk drives for RAID-1 organization.
Checked train smart, he shows the current pending sector count 1 and uncorrectable sector count 1.
On f_c_e_n_t_e_r. ru in the last review by the screws 7200 finally appeared test results of the screws. And I must say a bit surprising. For Fuji always treated well, but he knew that the other screw on the speed of the same generation, they lost. And this looks very good: 1.
Results: --------------------- Device Info ---------------------- Drive No. 0 - & gt; Primary Master Model No. : FUJITSU MPG3307AT Serial No. : VG13T0C00T7G F / W Rev No. : 02B5 Max Cyl. : 3FFF Max Hd. 10 Max Sec.
Acquired recently Adaptec 5405 + 4 WD 1001FALS. planned to raise the two arrays 1 level. 1 array has been created, the data is copied to it and the array was put into operation. controller started beeping loudly last Friday.
Hello! install two SDD drive to ASUS 5K Premium in Raid 0. Description motherboard the controller Storage Southbridge - 6 x SATA 3. 0 Gb / s ports - Supports RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10 JMicron ® JMB363 PATA and SATA controller - 1 x UltraDMA 133/100/66 for up to 2 PATA devices - 2 x External SATA 3.
Good afternoon! Tell me, when I see the disk map in the form of a rectangle in which a programe for creating volumes, I have the opportunity to establish that at the beginning of the rectangle, at the end or at any other place. Does this indicate a physical position on the disk? E.