Hard disks, solid state drives

Winchester FUJITSU MPF3153AT 15Gb it about 3-yoh years. two years ago it appeared on land ~ 150Mb from the beginning of the disc, formatting with which, as soon as he reached the head - the computer tightly hung.
I connected the hard drive by Seagate ST3500320AS 500GB external USB pocket AgeStar http: // www. megashop. ru / product-47572664. html? c_flag = 1 Sometimes the hard drive begins to buzz. Gudit sure the hard drive, because when you turn off the ventilator USB pocket hum is not lost.
I propose to discuss the SSD-drives Intel 320 and 510 Article bit disappointed.
What a program from IBM to be used for the removal of troubles prgramnyh blocks? IBM Screw
There on the new motherboard that Mulka, two ports on Sil5723 chip.
All good day! Trying to learn to restore the files manually using winhex, is the example of a simple txt file and FAT12 after removing the file go to the beginning of recording and changing E5 on any symbol, the file is restored, but there is no file contents.
Subject. Interested in reliability and availability of commercially available tapes.
I would use an external drive for a torrent. It turns out that as long as the computer in the torrent, drive all the time at work.
My brother has a hard drive Samsung 20GB. Comp began to slow down, hang out. They checked the hard drive MHDD program - found a bunch of green, red, brown and unreadable sectors. REMAP their MHDD could not . Drove skandisk, unreadable sectors Report as bedy.
Died controller on the screw Seagate 120Gb 7200. 9 ST3120814A? but it was very necessary information. There is another living screw Seagate 120Gb 7200. 7 ST3120022A. physically did not seem to differ. . . both two and three physical disk head. . .
Should I have a Hard MAXTOR 6Y0120L0 DiamondMax Plus 9, 7200 U133. And in the Device Manager, and other monitoring information shows "Ultra DMA", should be "ultra DMA: 6". (In the BIOS screw is determined by DMA 6!!! Prog set (VIAHyperion4in1445v). I understand this is only dvayvera.
parameters specified in the HDD data rate from the controller to the drive, interface speed and transmission speed formatted. if the first two clear, then the third I do not really understand . And the sellers in the descriptions may indicate any of them without comment.
When you install Windows, and sometimes when opening files from Hardy heard sounds resembling off and power-on, sometimes running at the same time freezes. From time to time before loading Windows reports an error and spontaneously checks disk.
Help Board! Head of State Control started with DOSovoy floppy disk formatting C: (only logical), then it came to him that he does and 2-3% format Turn the power off computer, then call me.