Hard disks, solid state drives

Piled on her head Location: juvenile downs put WinXP (RUS) at 60Gb FAT32 screw (yes, one disk), which is under installation at glyukanul / FAT32- & gt envelope; NTFS /, and then to drive home computer is no longer met, except that determined by BIOS.
Friends, tell me! . 2 years ago, has set itself the disc (13, 6 Gb). Total use is no problem. Yes, and still have enough space. BUT! I plan to go on KT266A and Palomino.
Hey you, knowing ALL! There is a problem: suddenly. . . for no apparent reason has sharply increased flow WD200BB screws marriage. When checking DLGDiag shows an error 0256, who do not know, explain what this means an error on the disc.
A friend sends over $ 80. IBM ice screw 40 gig in excellent condition in the 7200 revolutions. price firms around 94-97 dollars.
The Subject: Asus M50Sv was acquired in the summer of 2008, six months later the factory hard WD has worn, a lot of BAD sectors. replaced under warranty on Seagate ST9320320AS.
Hello, there is a screw WD Caviar 1200, when turned on the screw emits a long squeaking, while one of the chips (chip) is heated very much. A couple of times the screw was detected in the bios after removing the controller, cleaned with alcohol, stopped displaying.
Speed, in principle, do not care. Although 5400 would not be desirable. I think you need something dvuhblinovoe (60 GB per platter) at 7200 rpm. Right now I should Fish 4 40 Gig and her silence me extremely happy. Maxtor and Samsung did not offer because of personal antipathy.
Winchester - IBM Deskstar 60 Gb. By mistake I changed the jumpers on it for 15 heads, after which it ceased to be automatically detected.
once early in the morning when it is high time to get up and go to college to take a diploma, I put a floppy disk into the computer and turned it on. intentions were good: fresh rewrite (night) to the floppy disk version of the diploma to his institute and print.
Maybe I do not know, but I do not understand why in the price of offices is written HDD WD Caviar 80GB 134 $ & HDD WD Caviar 100GB 199 $? ! ? ! ? : InsanKto something, tell me what is the difference 80gektarnogo screw 100 hectare and that it was estimated at 60 in Baku? ?
There are a bunch of thin Maxtor, we all have the same problem. Instead, the name of the model directly in the BIOS-e defined as Maxtor ATHENA, Maxtor ARES C64K, Maxtor N40P. As I understand, all service information is damaged. E. Microcode.
Hello. interested old article about Mukhtar. http: // data13. ru / devices / Several supermarkets bypassed all shrug that of the screws. Where to buy? Maybe they are not called maxtor-seagate, and renamed already fully segeyt.
as a result of intensive use has fallen off the first IDE pin and the two last it happened at the same time, after the soldering of contacts screw stop seeing and began to publish such sounds as if he can not position the head
Hello terrible happened - messed up my system controller on hard courts. Because of this, I formed a pile bedsektorov program in the field of MFT (NTFS volume). Because of that, he was seen as a RAW volume in Windows and how to 32Gb FAT Volume + 80Gb Unallocated Space to R-Studio.